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D-DAY 75 YEARS LATER| Local vets look back at the storming of Normandy, liberated cities, a mission to defeat the Nazi Regime

Remembrances of World War II 100-year-old veteran Don Knapp recalls his time in the 712th Tank Battalion Don Knapp, 100 years young, is still going strong. The former tank battalion commander has a bit of a bad back, uses a cane occasionally and is hard of hearing. But he and wife, Evelyn (96), still live on their own, in their comfortable abode in The Patrician mobile home park in Ventura. Both are charming, engaging and sharp as tacks, remembering experiences long past in great detail. As a former tank battalion commander (the 712th Tank Battalion, to be exact, in...

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VETERANS DAY ROUNDUP | Vets fly in from around the country while public events honor locals who served

Veterans Day is Sunday, Nov. 11, and Ventura County is playing host to several events honoring local heroes who have served in the various branches of the U.S. military from World War II to Afghanistan. Also on the docket: a visit from veterans across the country. Eighty-eight former service members and their spouses will visit Ventura from Monday, Nov. 12, through Friday, Nov. 16, to tour the U.S. Navy Seabee Museum, Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme, and visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The group, all of whom served during the Vietnam War as part of the Civil...

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TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE | Local couple inspires nonprofit to “do something good,” help vets with PTSD

Evidence of true kismet seems to be a rare commodity these days, but such tales are often legendary. Enter Sam Richiusa and Mae Villani, who became Camarillo residents in 1990 and both died within the last few years, but their true romance dates back to their parents’ migration from Italy to Ellis Island. Two of the children of the Richiusas, Judy Nichols of Port Hueneme and Gordon Richiusa of Orange County, have taken on the task of keeping the memories of their parents alive through a nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans who suffer from PTSD and a very special...

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We can be heroes

“You are either an activist or an inactivist,” says director Louie Psihoyos in the much-lauded Acadamy Award-winning documentary The Cove, about the secret slaughtering of dolphins in a Japanese resort town. It’s a powerful statement that has stirred some controversy for its Bush-era “for us or against us” attitude, but, as man’s assault, intentional or otherwise, on the wild — and ultimately himself — continues to reach new levels of consequence, it is rightfully the core message of the film. In tandem with a pivotal International Whaling Commisson meeting, The Cove is scheduled to begin screening this week in...

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