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Choose desalination over water tunnels

“In California, desalination should be an alternative to proposed $20 billion water tunnels” There is a connection between the proposed $20 billion Sacramento Delta Water Tunnels, the proposed mining/pumping of water from the Mojave Desert, Central Valley farmers lacking the water resources to maximize food production, and the Sacramento River and fishing stocks suffering from inadequate water flows. That connection is the State Water Project (SWP), which pumps water to Southern California and reduces the river water needed for fisheries, farmers, and the Sacramento River, itself. The reality is — Southern California needs water and if we don’t produce...

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BY THE NUMBERS | What was lost and progress since the Thomas Fire

The Thomas Fire required assistance from multiple states. Over 8,500 firefighters from Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Utah and from across California were stationed at the Ventura County Fairgrounds through December 2017. The fire cost over $230 million to suppress. Ojai (city limits) Destroyed, damaged homes: 0 “We were truly blessed to not lose a single home.” — Finance director Rudy Livingston County (unincorporated, Upper Ojai) Parcels with destroyed structures: 240 Parcels with damaged structures: 13 Tentative numbers provided by County Environmental Health. Construction permit data will be updated in the near future. Ventura Destroyed homes:...

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UPLIFTED | Local resident takes flight after decades of putting off dreams, thanks to nonprofit

I stood near the runway at the Santa Paula airport and it was as if a rubber band that had been stretching for 30 years was cut, leaving me vibrating with sensations from long ago. Air filled the lungs of my slim 20-year-old self it seemed; how could that be? The 51-year-old me has been trying to revive the younger me for a while, hoping she exists somewhere within the larger hourglass that I’ve become. The sands of time start to get in your eyes. In the late afternoon light I could swear it was she who took a...

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Making its maiden voyage from Japan to the Port of Hueneme, the Monoceros delivered approximately 900 new Subaru automobiles on Wednesday, Nov. 14. At 200 meters long and 12 stories tall, the vessel has the capacity to carry over 7,000 automobiles, making it one of the largest vessels to call on the Port of Hueneme to...

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KINDNESS CORNER | Back on the Road

Cheyanne Dominguez was the recipient of a Volkswagen Beetle 2000 as part of Concours Motor’s Wheels to Shine program on Tuesday, Oct. 23, in Ventura. Dominguez, 20, has endured several significant challenges, including losing her father, Oscar, to homicide. As the caretaker for her mother, Dominguez’ financial situation made it difficult for her to continue her education and to mentor high school and middle school students as a youth leader at her local church. Earlier this year, Dominguez helped raised funds through Catholic Charities on Ventura Avenue for a trip to Uganda to distribute feminine products to girls and...

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