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County’s attempts to bypass Oxnard’s legal public process

Channel Islands Harbor is an important recreation destination for the community and visitors to Ventura County. The County is proposing to hand over this public land to a billionaire developer for private use. The County’s proposed massive fortress style 400 apartments will be at Victoria and Channel Islands Boulevard. They will charge the highest rents in the area. It will be two city blocks long, 55 feet high, surrounded by a concrete wall two stories high. The County does not want Oxnard to have a public review of this project. At the Feb. 12, Board of Supervisors’ Meeting and...

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PLANET OJAI | Feeling replenished

PHOTO BY JAKE SANDELL @bto_localeyecare on Instagram Rose Valley Falls, two tiers and 300 feet tall, are pouring heavy after a month of intense storms that brought Ventura County out of the worst drought conditions. It is located 15 miles past Ojai, up Highway 33 off Sespe Road on the west end of the Topa Topa Mountains in Los Padres National Forest. For more information, go to...

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Journey to citizenship

It’s been a little over five years since I moved from Birmingham, England, to Ventura County. While my accent still turns a few heads, I have only recently become a citizen of the United States. Coming from a — for now — European country, the freedom to cross borders had always been a somewhat nonchalant affair for us Brits. Work a summer in the Swiss Alps or commute to Paris on the Eurostar; the freedom to live, work or seek a relationship between borders would not leave one with an expensive dose of anxiety, unlike here in the U.S....

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ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE | A personal and expert exploration into soulmates and lasting relationships

My grandparents’ courtship was a saga straight off the pages of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Constance — Connie for short — was an Australian nurse who, much to the chagrin of her parents, chased her aspirations with passionate defiance. Elbert — Al to most — was a World War II windtalker, utilizing his unique knowledge of the Navajo language to deceive the enemy. Al was stationed at Emirau Island, a small island in the South Pacific, while Connie was working and living at a boarding house/recovery center near Melbourne. During a short respite from duty, he and his band...

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We must protect our people

Your message “Gun culture versus gun violence” (Editorial, Jan. 10) is a life-saving call for each of us, individually, collectively, to seek and find a safe and sensible solution to the escalating gun violence in our country. This dialogue, we should be having, is not about suppressing or eliminating gun owners’ Second Amendment rights. This is directed to preserving and protecting the inherent rights of “. . . life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” of every human being, as in we the people. It is in the very conscience of our Constitution … the greatest good for the...

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  1. Spiritual Bodies: Photography by Carlton Wilkinson

    January 10 @ 8:00 am - February 29 @ 8:00 pm
  2. History Lecture Series: Accommodation and Resistance

    January 14 @ 7:00 pm - March 10 @ 7:00 pm
  3. Meleko Mokgosi: Acts of Resistance

    January 22 @ 10:00 am - April 9 @ 4:00 pm
  4. Of Ebony Embers: Vignettes of the Harlem Renaissance

    February 24 @ 7:00 pm
  5. Ventura County Research Symposium: Sustainability Through Soil Health

    February 27 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  6. Post-Fire Food Safety Workshop

    February 27 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  7. Wildfire Recovery Community Healing Workshop

    February 28 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  8. Watercolor on Yupo Workshop

    February 29 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  9. Zlatomir Fung, Cellist with Janice Carissa, Pianist

    March 1 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  10. Dinner & Art Demonstration

    March 3 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm