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“Out” LGBTQ leaders ease struggle for others

The 2019 LGBTQ pride celebration taking place worldwide during the month of June is a time to reflect on just far we have come as a community. Ten years ago, I left the United Way network to work for Equality California, the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ civil rights organization. For me it was personal. The passing of Proposition 8 just a year prior to that prohibited marriage equality inspired me to bring my experience full circle and fight for my own civil rights. This annual celebration has grown beyond gay pride parades in its importance as an opportunity to...

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Thinking about resilience

We feel angry at the injustice. The anger may energize us, and it can feel a whole lot better than depression. We’re all faced with challenges that test us — a critical boss or co-worker, a disappointing job outcome, a failed relationship. Is it true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? Maybe.  But not always. I’ve spent the past two decades researching predictors of resilience — the factors that can maximize our chances of bouncing back from stressful circumstances, and maybe even becoming stronger from them — and I have found that how we think about what...

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Crouching tiger, hidden dragon roll

Hakane Sushi967 East Ojai Ave.,$4.50-$59 Ojai proper has a small yet bustling community, most noticeable during the weekend warrior exodus. Whether it’s the floppy-hatted, sunglass-shielded socialites toting refurbished Airstreams and lapdogs, or howling packs of motorcycle riders dispersing sound waves of tail pipes and ’70s rock, it is the place to be and be seen. But sometimes a certain level of zen respite is desired. Enter Ojai’s East End. Spider roll, with crab meat, avocado and gobos wrapped in pastel soybean paper. Bento box selection: teriyaki salmon, a yellowtail roll and shrimp/vegetable tempura Eel and avocado roll, which...

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Why the fervor to impose vaccinations via SB 276?

Friday morning, May 31, protesters in yellow safety vests, parents with children in tow, a doctor with a bullhorn, kids in strollers and sidewalk chalk clutched signs, held space and raised awareness in front of Ventura’s Department of Public Health Office. Throughout the state, similar protests occurred this month to oppose the newest vaccine bill racing through the Senate. SB 276 is aimed at California’s tiny population of 0.7 percent medical exemption holders. This percentage of families obtained medical exemptions through their physicians, allowing them to send their children to school without a complete immunization record, is now threatened...

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Take the lead, going green with electric vehicles

  by Richard H. Baldwin and Phil White There is a global climate change crisis. No question. And Ventura County is near ground zero in that crisis. Take a look. We’re experiencing the worst of drought, fires, and water shortages. The projections of sea level rise that will impact our coastline are alarming. These local impacts have the fingerprints of climate change all over them. Additionally, the County suffers from unhealthy levels of ozone air pollution. Addressing these impacts make reducing greenhouse gas emissions critical, and we believe that the County can and should do something to fight back....

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