Author: Tim Pompey

NEW CRUSH | Beloved jazz bar Squashed Grapes returns as The Winery

PICTURED: The Winery owners, from left: Adam Randall, Rick Boyer, Steve Holt and Josh McNutt. Photo by Seth Brandes In case you didn’t hear it through the grapevine, Squashed Grapes is back . . . sort of. Customers who loved the iconic Midtown Ventura winery and music venue waited a long time, but the popular jazz bar has opened its doors and uncorked its bottles once again. It’s operating under a new name, and has a new location — 4746 Market Street (next to Kelly Paper), putting it right in the midst of Ventura’s “Off Market” Tasting Trail. “So,...

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REELIN’ IN THE YEARS | Ojai Film Festival celebrates 20th anniversary

PICTURED: Yeva by Iranian director Anahid Abad will be screened at this year’s Ojai Film Festival. Twenty years may not seem like a long time, but in the film festival universe, it’s a milestone worth celebrating. Like startups and restaurants, most festivals don’t make it past infancy. “Fewer than five percent of film festivals now functioning have been around as long as we have,” said Steve Grumette, the artistic director of the Ojai Film Festival (OFF). What’s the secret for their success? “One of the things we are very proud of is that we actually run on more than 100...

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Zombie redux

Zombieland: Double Tap Directed by:    Ruben Fleischer Starring:          Abigail Breslin, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg Rated R for bloody violence, language throughout, some drug and sexual content Runtime:         1 hr., 39 mins. Has it been 10 years since the release of the first #Zombieland#? My, time does fly. In the meantime, our four stars have gone on to bigger and better things. Abigail Breslin has seen her career take off. Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg have each been nominated for Oscars. Emma Stone took home a golden boy in 2017. Sigh! How the children have grown. So, with...

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Joaquin Phoenix is no joke

by Tim Pompey JOKER DIRECTED BY: Todd Phillips STARRING: Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Robert De Niro Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual images 2 hrs., 2 min. Welcome to a new Batman universe. You thought Heath Ledger was the ultimate Joker? Yeah, me too, until Joaquin Phoenix arrived. Ledger won a posthumous Oscar for his 2008 performance, but he was in a supporting role. The new Joker is in practically every frame of this film and he overwhelms the screen. What will Hollywood give him? DC Comics has their name...

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KEEP ON MOVING | Fourth Annual Oxnard Jazz Festival returns Sept. 14

PICTURED: Louie Cruz Beltran and his Latin orchestra will headline the 2019 Oxnard Jazz Festival.  There are hundreds of ways to say it. Get your groove on. Bring your dancing shoes. Party all night along. But what festival promoter Chuck Dennis would like most is for you to come and have a great time. We’re talking the fourth annual Oxnard Jazz Festival held every year at Oxnard State Beach. Yes, it’s that time of year. Time to get it on during the last big festival of the summer season. “We want to keep them dancing on our floor,” said...

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