Author: Tim Pompey

OUT OF THE BOX | Welcome to the jungle

PICTURED: From left: Paola Lara, Rodrigo Cortes and Hanssel Casillas. (Filmadora Nacional/IMDb/TNS) by Tim Pompey Tigers Are Not Afraid  (Video, Prime Amazon) Spanish with English subtitles Directed by Issa López Starring: Paola Lara, Juan Ramón López Rated NR 1 hr., 23 mins. Mexican director Issa López provides a tight little drama set in the heart of an anonymous metropolis. It’s both a fable and a metaphor for the violent darkness that has arisen from the gang violence and drug cartels that have beset Northern Mexico in the last 20 years. But López has broadened this tale with a touch...

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OUT OF THE BOX | The hazards of raising sheep

by Tim Pompey Dark River  Directed by Clio Barnard Starring: Ruth Wilson, Mark Stanley, and Sean Bean.  Rated NR 1 hr., 30 min. So what’s so interesting about raising sheep? Try watching the English drama Dark River, currently available on Amazon Prime. Directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Clio Barnard, this feature film uses all the elements of farm life, from the weather to the sheep themselves, to call attention to the wounded souls of brother and sister Joe (Mark Stanley) and Alice (Ruth Wilson) Bell. After their father (Sean Bean) dies, Alice returns from a 15-year hiatus to take...

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THE SEARCH FOR SUMMER MOVIES | Our annual summer movie preview, streaming edition

PICTURED: Clockwise from top left: The High Note, Wonder Woman 1984, Da 5 Bloods and The Lovebirds. by Tim Pompey For all you avid movie fans, welcome to the new norm. Yes, movies are being released, but you’ll have to cross distributors and viewing platforms to find them. The name of the game is streaming. Most of them probably won’t be in theaters. Some of them, however, might be released simultaneously in both theaters and as video on demand. Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix have their own summer lineups. And some, we know not yet where they’ll be shown....

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“WHATEVER HAPPENS, WE GO THERE” | The many adventures in music making of improvisational jazz band Boom Duo

PICTURED: John Lacques and Noah Thomas of Boom Duo. Photo courtesy of John Lacques by Tim Pompey If you’re looking for rock, R&B, jazz and other forms of dance music, there is no lack of bands in Ventura County to explore. But among all these options, there is only one Boom Duo. Created in 2009 by drummer and percussionist John Lacques and multi-instrumentalist Noah Thomas, the duo’s music is meant to be experienced. It’s like being sonically drenched in water. It’s free-form, experimental and completely improvised. It’s influenced by jazz, Bourbon Street, the streets of Jaipur and the experimentalism...

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SILVER AND BLUE | Kelly’s Lot celebrates 25 years of playing the blues

PICTURED: Kelly’s Lot performs an anniversary show at Ventura Beach Club on Dec. 20. Anyone who makes a living in the music business knows that it’s hard work, long hours, tons of rehearsal and, for most, limited pay. But for the Ventura County- and Los Angeles-based pop, folk and blues band Kelly’s Lot, it’s been 25 years of fun — and they’re still rolling. Talk about a reason to celebrate. Last month the band hit the Mint in Los Angeles to say thank you to its fan base. Now it’s coming to the Ventura Beach Club on Friday, Dec....

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