FUELED BY ADVERSITY | Catching up with Art Alexakis of Everclear

PICTURED: Art Alexakis will go on tour this summer with Everclear. Photo by Ashley Osborn/Contributor by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski Pasadena Weekly Executive Editor Adversity has played a role in the success of Everclear’s Art Alexakis. The 60-year-old singer battled drug problems and a rocky relationship with his father. Lately, he’s battled multiple sclerosis and spinal problems. He looks back on Everclear’s 30 years and understands what made the “Santa Monica” band successful.  “My adversity helped me,” said Alexakis, who’s been gluten free for a decade. “I wouldn’t be able to do it without that adversity. I needed it to get...

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AS COOL AS IT GETS | BeachLife Festival pairs fine dining, music

PICTURED: BeachLife organizer Allen Sanford. Photo by JP Cordero  by Alex Gallagher Pasadena Weekly Staff Writer Allen Sanford dreaded having to sit through traffic and meander his way through Downtown Los Angeles to see a show at The Greek or The Hollywood Bowl. He was also fed up with concert promoters scheduling shows west of Interstate 405, away from what he called the mecca of culture and taste making. “I selfishly thought that if I could figure out how to throw an event that I didn’t have to drive to and could skateboard to it, that would be pretty...

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EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Local zoos connect people to environment

PICTURED: Ira the Lion is just one of the many animal ambassadors that call America’s Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College home.  by David Goldstein Last month, I asked a neighbor if he planned to attend any local Earth Day events. Perhaps in explanation of his lack of interest, he responded, “Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?”  On his next birthday, I plan to tell him, “I thought of giving you a gift today, but shouldn’t people celebrate each other’s lives every day?” The April flurry of Earth Day events is over, but for some whose job involves environmental work,...

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by  Rob Brezsny ARIES (March 21-April 19): Poet Jennifer Willoughby writes, “I am so busy. I am practicing my new hobby of watching me become someone else. There is so much violence in reconstruction. Every minute is grisly, but I have to participate. I am building what I cannot break.” I wouldn’t describe your own reconstruction process during recent months as “violent” or “grisly,” Aries, but it has been strenuous and demanding. The good news is that you have mostly completed the most demanding work. Soon the process will become more fun. Congratulations on creating an unbreakable new version...

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PICTURED: Patrons of SushiWay enjoying good times. Photo courtesy of Visit Oxnard by Alex Wilson SushiWay 455 S. A St., Oxnard 805-247-0998 Gabriel Barajas has enjoyed a colorful career in the world of restaurants since he started selling hot dogs from a rolling cart outside a San Fernando Valley DMV office in 2009. He became a social media phenomenon as his TacosWay restaurants took off in Los Angeles. Barajas’ success even allowed him to recently open a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. His latest creation is SushiWay, tempting diners with a fusion of sushi and Latin flavors in...

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