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Get yer ha-ha’s out

“Who doesn’t want a combination lint brush-shoe horn for Father’s Day? Woo-hoo! Makes me want to put some shoes on!” says comedian Randy Lubas sarcastically to a crowd rolling with laughter on the opening night of his new club, the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club. Teaming up with another national headliner, Andres Fernandez, the duo purchased the nightclub — formerly Comedy Esquire — closing escrow only a day before the July 18 show. Fernandez and Lubas have a total of 50 years experience in the field of comedy, and plan on keeping the club, best known for its 20 -plus...

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Prison hospital objective confused

Several years ago when a huge controversy broke out over lethal injection, a human rights activist was asked, “Why should we care if a convicted murderer should feel any pain when getting lethal injection?” The activist replied, “Because we are supposed to be more civil than them.” In the showdown between the City of Camarillo and Federal Receiver J. Clark Kelso over replacing Camarillo’s juvenile detention facility with a prison hospital, it appears the real losers are and have always been the prisoners. Understanding fully that all prisoners have been convicted of doing ill directly or indirectly toward other...

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Widows in the making

Although many people were rolling over in bed on Saturday morning, July 12, six women — some of them single mothers — were on a mission. Instead of sleeping in and having a lazy morning as many Americans prefer, these women were trying out for Ventura’s first female full-contact football league, the Black Widows. This was the second time Ahmad Newton, owner of the Ventura team for the National Women’s Football Association, held a tryout but, unlike the first in April, this time women showed up. One of them, Aretha Vines, 40, of Oxnard even skipped work to get...

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Thieves target auto part

A sign displayed on a homeowner’s lawn last week in downtown Ventura at Fir Street told passersby to beware of a new epidemic of catalytic converter thefts in the area.   The owner has since then taken the sign down, but according to police officials, the reign of thievery in Ventura upon automobiles to obtain this part — containing expensive metal and platinum — continues on, particularly upon Toyota 4Runners. “We got another call this morning,” Lt. Ray Vance said July 7. “There have been six or seven stolen in the last week or so.” Vance said all the...

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