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ADVICE GODDESS | Nov. 5, 2020

Fickle-Down Economics I’m a 29-year-old straight woman. I recently came to the odd conclusion that I have no idea what I want in a man. Over the past few years, I’ve been dating a variety of guys and hoping they’ll be right for me, and it’s not working. Some turn out to be nice guys, but some turn out to be jerks. One turned out to be a truly terrible person, but in hindsight, all were obviously wrong for me. In each case, the underlying problems were always there, but I didn’t identify them until things blew up months...

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“WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT” | Filmmaker Arcelia Martinez hopes to address mental health through the Esperanza Project

PICTURED: Arcelia Martinez (third from left) with key grip Arturo Reyes, director of photography George Ortega and boom operator Johnathan Portillo during the filming of Isabel mi historia (2018). Photo courtesy of Arcelia Martinez by Alex Wilson An Oxnard filmmaker hopes to raise awareness about mental health issues facing teenage Latinas, which she believes are swept under the carpet all too often. Arcelia Martinez was recently named “Artist in Residence” with the Oxnard Performing Arts Center to launch the effort called “The Esperanza Project.” It will culminate in the creation of a documentary film next spring, telling stories of...

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SAFELY SPIRITED | COVID-compliant celebrations liven up Ventura County this weekend

by Nancy D. Lackey Shaffer One thing can be said about this pandemic: It has forced event organizers to get creative. From GhostWalk’s all-virtual GhostWatch to drive-in concerts and performances to custom designed treats, people across the county have set out to prove that there’s more than one way to party. Fear not, Ventura County: This weekend is full of fun activities in celebration of fall, Halloween and Día de Los Muertos. The High Street Broadcast Audio Theater Ongoing The High Street Broadcast (HSB) has been bringing vintage-style radio shows to stage and airwaves since 2007. Original...

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HOMESPUN | Shylah Ray Sunshine’s search for the soul connection

PICTURED: Shylah Ray Sunshine by Mariana Schulze.   by Nancy D. Lackey Shaffer   “Well rounded” is one way to describe the voice of Shylah Ray Sunshine. Deep, full and resonant, it hints at the many roads and musical genres the Ojai-based singer/songwriter has traveled through. It has the impact and energy of rock and roll, a facility with rhyme and rhythm perfectly at home in hip-hop, an otherworldly quality that blends beautifully with spiritual and new age music and an earthy sensuality that’s perfect for blues and soul. “I try to expose myself to as much as...

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POWER TO SPEAK | Helpful hints from a professional reporter

by David Michael Courtland With my freelancing career on hold for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, it seems like a good time to write this column. It might help me whenever I’m back to regularly talking to people for articles. Conversely, it might help some of my victims. Here are some widely accepted definitions reporters use: On the record — You say it, I print it with your name attached. Not for attribution — You say it, I print it without naming or otherwise identifying you. Off the record — You say it, but I can’t print it...

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