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PROPHETIC LOOK AT 2020 | Bush’s new album is a glimpse into race wars and injustices

PICTURED: Catch Bush at the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Nov. 21. Photo by Dove Shore by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale is, admittedly, hesitant about playing the Concerts in Your Car series in Ventura County on Saturday, Nov. 21. That’s not to say he isn’t excited.  “I can’t wait to do this,” Rossdale said. “I’m a little apprehensive, in the sense of my memory of shows and people sitting on their cars. The best ones, I’ve heard, are people who drive pickup trucks, reverse into the spot and tailgate. They have a really great time. “I’m glad...

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ON EXHIBIT | Photographer John Mireles’ Neighbors at Studio Channel Islands

Neighbors will be on exhibit through Nov. 30. Photo courtesy of Studio Channel Islands by Emily Dodi When he moved into a new house in San Diego, photographer John Mireles asked his neighbors if he could photograph them, and then he hung their portraits on his fence. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and it helped Mireles bond with his new neighbors. The experience got him thinking. Inspired by writer Jim Collins’ idea of a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG), Mireles thought, “if I went to all 50 states and photographed Americans . . . <em>that</em> would be a BHAG.” It...

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FREE WILL ASTROLOGY Week of November 12 © Copyright 2020  Rob Brezsny ARIES (March 21-April 19): “Love can’t always do work,” wrote novelist Iris Murdoch. “Sometimes it just has to look into the darkness.” From what I can tell, you’ve been doing that recently: looking into the darkness for love’s sake. That’s a good thing! You have been the beneficiary of the blessings that come through the contemplation of mysteries and enigmas. You’ve been recalibrating your capacity to feel love and tenderness in the midst of uncertainty. I suspect that it will soon be time to shift course, however....

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ADVICE GODDESS | Nov. 12, 2020

Grand Theft Autocrat I’m a 29-year-old straight woman, and I recently started dating this guy I really like. The only issue is he seems a bit controlling. For example, he always wants to pick the restaurant and which TV show we watch. While I’m generally pretty go with the flow, it seems like I never choose what we’re doing. It’s one thing to pick the restaurant, but I worry that he might be like this with bigger things (like if we got a place together or got married). Should I be worried?  — Unsure It’s important to have a...

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IN GOOD TASTE | Dining scene picks up

PICTURED: Well-spaced seating and plastic screens between tables has helped Brophy Bros. transition to indoor dining. Photo by Kathy Cruts by Mike Nelson   With the limited reopening of inside dining service approved by Ventura County Public Health in October, local restaurant officials say their walk-in customers still prefer the great outdoors, at least while the weather remains conducive to al fresco dining. A survey of area eateries found many restaurants reporting an upswing in dine-in business over recent weeks, although takeout remains an important part of their offerings, as it has since the initial shutdown in March. Some...

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