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PURPLE IS THE NEW PARTY | Minimum wages gets minimum effort

by Paul Moomjean  On New Year’s Day I took my buddy to lunch. We walked up to a popular chain restaurant at 1 p.m. in the afternoon. On the door was a sign saying, “We will not be open at 11 a.m. today. No one showed up to work. We hope to open soon. We are sorry.”  This wasn’t a fast food place where tips aren’t made. This was an Islands in Santa Clarita with endless resources and quality food. Yet no one showed up to work on the first day of 2022. Talk about a literal “New...

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HAPPENINGS | Jan. 13-20, 2022

LEARN TO ID SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BIRDS | Five sessions at various times. Wednesdays and Saturdays, Jan. 19 – Feb. 5th. The introductory bird identification course focuses on Southern California species and will help novice birders learn about birding and ducks, raptors, sparrows and other migrant birds that winter in the Southern California region, with an emphasis on birds of Ventura County. Hosted by the Museum and Research Center of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology (aka the Bird Museum) with Paul Grindrod, science education coordinator. He has been teaching about nature and science since 1994 with a focus on...

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WHERE THE CONDOR SOARS | California’s largest bird takes flight at Bitter Creek

Pictured: A soaring condor above the Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge.  Story and photos by Chuck Graham There wasn’t much going on at the Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). I was lying in the grassy, rolling hills of this California condor sanctuary, and was waiting for something to stir. It was mid-afternoon and thermal updrafts were just beginning to waft skyward when a solitary condor rose above the refuge like a fighter jet off an aircraft carrier. I sat straight up, holding my 300mm lens in my lap, thoroughly thrilled to see North America’s largest flying land bird...

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Pictured: Oxnard City Hall. Photo courtesy of the City of Oxnard.  by Kimberly Rivers Citing an effort to help prevent a serious surge in COVID-19 cases in the area, several cities have announced they will be temporarily closing facilities and programs to the public.  “More people are infectious and spreading the virus indoors,” said Dr. Robert Levin, health officer with Ventura County Public Health. “Limiting close contacts, wearing a mask indoors to prevent getting infected and infecting others, isolating when symptomatic, testing and getting vaccinated can reduce the likelihood of severe COVID affecting you, your family and community.” ...

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Pictured: A firearms vendor table at a gun show.  by Kimberly Rivers The board of directors for the Ventura County Fairgrounds has scheduled a special meeting on Friday, Jan. 7 at 1 p.m. for a “discussion and possible action regarding 2022 Gun Show Contract.”  As of press deadline, the document identified in the agenda is not yet posted online and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, which responds to California Public Records Act (PRA) requests on behalf of the fair board, has indicated the agency has received the request submitted by the Ventura County Reporter asking to...

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