Author: Emily Dodi

ON EXHIBIT | Activism in the spotlight at the Museum of Ventura County

PICTURED: Dolores Huerta speaking at A & P Headquarters, Thanksgiving visit, 1973 Photo by Jorge Corralejo NOTE: AS OF MARCH 13, the Museum of Ventura County, the Research Library, the Albinger Museum and the Agriculture Museum have closed and all events are now cancelled due to concerns related to COVID-19. All institutions will remain closed until March 31, at which time staff will reassess the situation. This article was edited on March 11 to reflect the postponement of the March 19 talk with Dolores Huerta. by Emily Dodi Sometime this year, legendary civil rights activist and community organizer Dolores...

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ON EXHIBIT | Ascending in power and significance: Women On the Rise at Vita Art Center 

by Emily Dodi In celebration of Women’s History Month, Vita Art Center and Focus on the Masters have collaborated on Women On the Rise, on exhibit though March 21 at the Vita Art Center in Ventura. The featured artists, Lori Cozen-Geller, Margaret Garcia, Kim Shoenstadt and Katie Van Horn, will be interviewed individually as part of the Focus on the Masters (FOTM) ongoing artist documentation series, currently hosted by the Museum of Ventura County. “We chose the artists with the intention of having a diverse representation of women, including age and art process,” explains Mary Perez, founding director of...

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JACQUI BURGE, DESK YOGI | Fitness expert provides wellness opportunities for anyone, anywhere, anytime

PICTURED: Jacqui Burge working with a client. Photo submitted by Emily Dodi Jacqui Burge would love five minutes of your time. Burge is the founder and CEO of Desk Yogi, a website featuring quick videos designed to help ease the toll that work life can have on our bodies, minds and overall wellness. “People think, ‘Oh, five minutes aren’t going to do anything,’” says Burge, sitting in her Ojai office with her dog, a rescued boxer named Bumper, dozing at her feet. “You’d be amazed at what five minutes will do. How much better you’ll feel [especially] if you...

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DUET OF REMEMBRANCE | New West Symphony remembers the Holocaust through its two-part concert series

PICTURED: The Los Robles Children’s Choir will perform Brundibár during New West Symphony’s Dreams concert. Photo submitted  by Emily Dodi New West Symphony (NWS) presents Duet of Remembrance, a two-concert package dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust and the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. “Everyone is part of the continuation of the story. It’s really important,” says Music Director Michael Christie. “It’s amazing, the number of direct survivors and family of survivors who live in Ventura. The history of people’s experiences just within our own community is so moving. We are hoping we can...

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ON THE BOOKSHELF | William Horstick’s An Odd Collection of Strange Reflections

by Emily Dodi Some projects are a labor of love. Photographer William Horstick’s latest book is definitely that, but it is also so much more. Creating An Odd Collection of Strange Reflections served as therapy for Horstick while he was batting Stage 4 melanoma. The book is also a way for him to give to others fighting cancer. “The idea for An Odd Collection of Strange Reflections came about due to my mental breakdown over hearing the news: ‘You have cancer. Not sure what type yet, but it’s cancer.’ I decided later that day to make this book and...

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