Author: David Goldstein

EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Coastal clean-up day customized for COVID

by David Goldstein, VCPWA, IWMD For decades, the third Saturday in September has been designated “Coastal Cleanup Day.” Crowds of volunteers worked in teams at designated collection sites, gathering litter into bins atcentralized spots. This year, the California Coastal Commission, which leads cleanup efforts inCalifornia, decentralized the event to allow social distancing. The commission urges volunteers to mobilize from 9 a.m. to noon each Saturday this month, focusing on neighborhood streets, local parks, local streams and rivers as well as the coast. Since litter washes downhill into storm drains and creeks, and from waterways out to the ocean,California Coastal...

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EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | New grant will fund reuse opportunities

Pictured: A used pallet upcycled into a wall mount for planters made of upcycled cans.   by David Goldstein A new grant opportunity offers California businesses, nonprofit organizations, government entities and Indian tribes an opportunity to fund new reuse projects. The minimum grant to be awarded by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) will be $300,000, and the maximum will be $500,000, with a total of $2 million awarded statewide this December. Applications are due September 10. Four types of projects are listed as qualified: Replacement of single-use containers with refillables, including but not limited to...

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EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Store extra paint for reuse or recycle it with local options

Got old paint? Options for reuse, recycling and disposal discussed.  by David Goldstein Paint is one of the two most common items brought to publicly funded household hazardous waste collection events, but local residents actually have better options for their leftover paint. The best option is reuse, and the best person to reuse paint is the person who bought it in the first place. This strategy requires proper storage. The first step to facilitate your own later reuse of your leftover paint is to indicate the level and color of paint in a can by using a brush to...

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EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Replace, or choose right and preserve, the hungriest appliance

Pictured: Solar water heaters are an efficient and environmentally friendly option.  by David Goldstein Of the appliances in a typical home, water heaters consume the most resources. Purchasing an efficient, durable water heater, or replacing it with an alternative, can avoid energy waste, solid waste and waste of money in the long run. Maintaining your water heater can save even more money and resources.  One alternative, a solar water heater, is sometimes used to supplement, rather than replace, a water heater. In Ventura County, since freezing weather is so uncommon, direct circulation systems are viable. Water is simply pumped...

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EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Nurses week honors Medical Environmentalist

Pictured: Victorian memorial statue of Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 in London, England, UK. Photo by Anthony Baggett.  by David Goldstein Nurses Week, celebrated earlier this month, honors those front-line workers who heal the sick and are today helping to protect us from a spreading pandemic. The commemoration began with one particular nurse in mind. Starting in 1954 to mark the 100th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s mission to care for soldiers in the Crimean War, the commemoration was formalized in 1974, centering on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.  A British social reformer and statistician, Nightingale revolutionized nursing by recognizing the...

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