Author: Dane Edmondson

LUCKY LADS | The Young Dubliners bring Celtic rock to The Canyon

For such a relatively small mass of land, Ireland has produced an abundance of larger-than-life storytellers. Whether it be poets, playwrights, painters or even power ballad-producing post-punk prodigies, the Emerald Isle has always cast a beautifully somber shine on the creative process. For all of my hours spent immersed in the literature of the Land of Saints and Scholars, in my heart it is the music that has always brought me to the highest, and sometimes lowest, places. Tales of love and heartache set to the rhythmic stringed sway of a waltz, or power chords instigating hearty cheers and...

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TOP PICK | Flatpicking champion Tyler Grant headlines Caravan to WonderGrass Festival

Flatpicking, one of the hallmarks of bluegrass music, requires both patience and precision. There are many flatpickers in the world of Americana . . . but not all are created equal, and few can be said to have mastered this distinctive style of guitar playing. Lucky for Ventura County music lovers, one of the best will be coming to Ojai this weekend. National flatpicking champion Tyler Grant and his bourgeoning band, Grant Farm, will perform multiple shows at the Deer Lodge and this year’s Caravan to WonderGrass festival. Starting his professional musical journey in Southern California, Grant attended CalArts,...

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TRIAL BY FIRE | Local reflects on losing everything and building a new life

The recurring nightmare always opened with the same scene: I am standing on the deck of my childhood home in Big Sur, looking out upon the western edge of North America, frozen in terror. I have no recollection of how I end up there, but the pungent punch of smoke to my face quickly eradicates any subconscious semantics. I gaze downward on the forested canyon that extends out to the Pacific Ocean, taking one last notice of the redwoods, oaks and madrones, their various shades of green and brown blotted together as if a Bob Ross painting had come to...

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Something for everyone

The Nest 401 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai 798-9035 $6-$20 When I first discovered the name of the new restaurant opening in downtown Ojai, The Nest, I was honestly skeptical. Call it prideful localism, but I immediately thought, “Oh no, here’s another one trying to capitalize on the town’s now nationally recognized name, and they don’t even know what it means!” (While some have claimed Ojai means “nest,” it has been confirmed that the correct translation is “moon” in the native Chumash language.) Wow, was I ever wrong … and the backstory turns out to be a sweet one of...

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ONCE MORE WITH FEELING | Dave Mason’s Alone Together Again tour comes to Libbey Bowl

Dave Mason is coming home . . . in a manner of speaking. The iconic singer, songwriter and guitarist who founded Traffic and helped define the classic rock genre is currently in the midst of his much-lauded tour, Alone Together Again. And on Sept. 23 he’s bringing it to Ojai, where Mason lived for many years and where he still has strong ties. “I discovered Ojai basically as soon as I came over to the States in 1969,” Mason recollects. “I drove up with a friend and it was really a nice little town. The funny thing is, it...

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