Author: Dane Edmondson

HOWLING AT THE MIC | The Howling Coyote Tour comes to Ventura County

With the modern landscape of the music industry constantly shifting its “tech”-tonic plates, so to speak, there is more competition than ever — for social media presence, airplay, gigs. For many bands, part of adapting to this change has involved staying true to two of the best elements of the industry: collaboration and contemporary support. These aspects are essential to providing musicians the opportunity to tour while building both a fan base and musical partnership with peers. It is still the most sacred facet of the music industry in my opinion, and Jim Sobo believes this as well. While...

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Beacon is lit, in a Gargantuan way

Gargantua at Beacon Coffee Company 211 W. Ojai Ave Ojai 805-248-7054 $2.75-14 Those of us self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs seek out only the finest purveyors to satiate our caffeine cravings. So when Beacon Coffee nestled in to the thankfully abandoned exoskeleton of the old Carrows on Main Street in Ojai, our prayers for a high-end eco-conscious establishment had been given salvation. It provided a Mecca of cool, where all walks of life could coexist in a modern model of Bohemia without the side order of pretentiousness. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, owners John and Jennifer Wheir decided to up...

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STRAWBERRY FIELDS AREN’T FOREVER? | An in depth look at a changing industry

During my summer vacations in the late-’80s, my parents and I would pack up the rental van and head south on Highway 1 for our annual surf trip to Santa Barbara, Ventura and beyond. Embarking on our own personal version of the Endless Summer, we would slowly creep down the idyllic coastline and absorb all the geographical and cultural offerings — from the mile-long left breaks to beach-shack burritos. This, along with playing little league all-star games, was the highlight of my three months of freedom. It was all very Southern California Americana, but taking the place of an...

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Balancing rich, simple and complex in Ojai

Sakura Ojai 219 E. Matilija St., Ojai 646-8777 $3.50-$30 There are many outstanding ancient Asian proverbs, from Confucius all the way down to fortune cookie philosophy (even if the latter was conceptualized in San Francisco). Two of my favorites happen to hail from Japanese culture; “A fish gets bigger when it swims away” and “Never order sushi in the desert.” OK, that second one I made up, but it sticks all the same. That is, unless you happen to wander in to Ojai’s little Ginsu slice of Okinawa known as Sakura, a first-rate sushi and teppanyaki haven. Albacore sashimiSteamed...

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A new year, a new Saloon

The Saloon Ventura 456 E. Main St. Ventura 667-8550 $7-$22 Whenever one walks into a restaurant and the first sound is the weighty Bonzo drum beat of Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks,” it’s often a palatable omen. Such was true during a recent patronage session I had at The Saloon, one of my very favorite downtown Ventura hangouts. From the moment I first moseyed on in three years ago and saw the Old West time warp ambience, I was sold, and it quickly became my go-to for a beat-the-heat brew in between thrift store rummaging. My only discrepancy...

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