Author: Chris O'Neal

Political Roundup | July 14, 2016

Brownley on drones, officer-involved shootings  A drone can be used for many things, as recent events have proven: filming an action sequence for a movie, surveying land for conservation, even annoying firefighters attempting to quell wildfires, as has been the case at least 18 times in the past year. Congresswoman Julia Brownley, D-Westlake Village, has seemingly had enough of the unmanned aerial vehicles buzzing active fire scenes. When the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to reauthorize Federal Aviation Administration programs on Monday, July 11, Brownley’s provision to increase penalties for drone operators who “recklessly interfere with wildfire fighting operations”...

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In Brief | July 14, 2016

 Second chance for sheltered senior dogs Santa Paula’s Canine Adoption Rescue League, also known as C.A.R.L., has launched its Golden Oldies program focusing on the “unique needs” of dogs aged 10 years or older. Funded by a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, C.A.R.L. will work closely with the Ventura County Animal Shelter as well as the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center in identifying elderly dogs that are often passed over for adoption in favor of younger animals. The dogs will then be spotlighted across social media and placed into preapproved foster homes or given space at C.A.R.L.’s boarding facility....

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BEETLE MANIA | Destructive tree pest arrival in Ventura County

The beetles have arrived, this time carrying fungus instead of droves of fanatical teenagers. An invasive species from Southeast Asia, the polyphagous shot-hole borer beetle brings with it fungi (Fusarium euwallacea) that can devastate trees as it spreads from within, causing “Fusarium dieback,” or branch dieback, which in time can kill the tree. The beetle has been spotted in green waste in Ojai, but it’s in Santa Paula along the Santa Clara River corridor that the beetle has generated the most concern over fear that it could devastate the avocado industry. Vast swaths of San Diego have been affected...

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Courtroom Roundup | July 7, 2016

Mother arrested for death of toddler Ventura police have arrested 27-year-old Jessica Navarro of Ventura on suspicion in the death of her 22-month-old; and on Friday, July 1, the District Attorney charged her with a felony count of assault on a child resulting in death. On Wednesday, June 27, police and the Ventura City Fire Department responded to a report of a baby falling from a crib on Bell Way in West Ventura. The boy was taken to the Ventura County Medical Center and pronounced dead upon arrival. The Ventura Police Department Major Crimes Unit began an investigation and...

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In Brief | July 7, 2016

No timetable for cleanup as oil flows again, subpoena issued At a meeting hosted by local officials and representatives from Crimson Pipeline on Thursday, June 30, Incident Commander Jim Morris, an employee of Crimson Pipeline, said that he had no idea how long a cleanup could take in regard to the 30,000 gallons of crude oil that spilled into the Prince Barranca and Hall Canyon on June 23. Concerned residents criticized the cleanup efforts, claiming that crews aren’t moving fast enough to return the area to its original state, while others pointed out that future sales of homes in...

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