Author: Amy Alkon

ADVICE GODDESS | April 23, 2020

Opener Sesame! I’m a single woman. I’d love to get into a relationship. Often, when I’m at a bar, I see a guy I’d like to chat up, but I won’t even approach because I don’t know what to say. Are there some pickup lines men love to hear? — Looking There are a number of lines men would love to hear from a woman — among them, “I’ve really enjoyed my drink, and now I’d like to enjoy you” and, “Don’t you have a tattoo I should be licking?”  However, there’s what men love to hear, and there’s what’s...

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ADVICE GODDESS | April 16, 2020

by Amy Alkon 2B Or Not To Be This guy recently moved into my apartment building, and we seem to have a spark. I’d like to go out with him. However, because we live in the same building, this might be a bad idea. If it goes badly, things could get really awkward or even horrible. Should I just try to forget about him?  — Tempted Let’s just say this has some negative potential — along the lines of throwing back a bottle of pinot noir all by yourself and then deciding to cut your bangs at 1 a.m. ...

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ADVICE GODDESS | April 9, 2020

Cutting off contact will help you get used to the new normal . . . Adultery Swim I started seeing a guy whose previous relationship ended because he cheated. He insists he really learned his lesson and would never do it again. Should I trust him, or should I go by that line, “once a cheater, always a cheater”? — Worried People in relationships do develop little traditions — like coming home every night and checking the closet for their boyfriend’s sex partners. The question is, does the skeleton that your boyfriend’s yanked out of the closet point to...

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ADVICE GODDESS | March 26, 2020

Meet Joe Beige I’ve been dating this guy for a month. Things with him are really average. However, we met through a mutual guy friend, and I’m actually really into that guy. Could my staying with the guy I’m seeing spark jealousy in the friend and lead him to make a play for me? — Wrong Place Sext your boyfriend and ask him to forward it to his friend. Kidding, obviously. But at least that would end things between you. That’s the right thing to do — as opposed to staying with the guy and using his interest in...

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ADVICE GODDESS | March 19, 2020

Callous In Wonderland At family gatherings, my sister-in-law makes critical remarks about my appearance, like my shirt’s very low-cut or I might want to lose weight before wearing the dress I have on. She only does this in front of others, and she says she just tells me because she cares about me. It doesn’t feel that way. I’d really like her to stop. — Feeling Attacked When you’re female, junior high never ends. The Hello Kitty knife in your back just gets upgraded to one by Cuisinart. Women are said to be the “gentler sex,” because we rarely...

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