Author: Amy Alkon

Tender is the nightmare

Women these days think they have the luxury of being picky about men, and you encourage them. You ran a letter from "Almost A Bride," the woman whose fiancé has difficulty dealing with conflict. She said, "I’m in my late 40s, and don’t want to end up alone. No man is perfect, right?" I have news for her: If she doesn’t marry him, she probably will end up alone. I read about a study of women over 65 who’d been married: 25 percent were still married, 50 percent were divorced or separated, and 25 percent were widowed. The article...

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Fear of the dork

I disagree with your advice to “The Hunted,” the woman who said a co-worker was stalking her at work. I agree she should be more direct, but what about, “He’s been asking co-workers about me and finding me on breaks,” says this guy’s harmless? Sometimes those “little things” turn ugly fast. A woman should heed that warning bell that something’s wrong. Yet, you mocked her, saying, “Come on, a guy at work gives you reason to believe he has a crush on you and the shower music from Psycho comes into your head?” Do you really think “Thanks, but...

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I get a kick out of U-Haul

This year, I’ve been going through the process of divorcing my husband. We’re on good terms and share joint custody of our children. The same night we separated, I inadvertently met someone. I was asking for directions to the restroom and ended up spending the evening with him. After staying with him for a few weeks, I just moved in instead of getting my own place. We haven’t had sex yet — I believe in waiting until I’m married — but I believe I’ve found the man for me. We’ve discussed marriage and starting a family, he accepts my...

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