Author: Amy Alkon

You Kant get it all in one place

The guy I’m dating is a high school graduate with a manual labor job. I have a master’s and a corporate career, and I’ll eventually make several times his salary. He’s a great guy, and does stuff like spontaneously buying me flowers at the farmers market and calling just to say goodnight. We talk sports, which I love, and he shares his work gossip, but I can’t talk to him the way I talk to my egghead friends. I use five-dollar words (my natural speech after years of schooling), and I can tell he sometimes has no idea what...

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Cache him if you can

I recently discovered that my boyfriend of four years has been secretly searching for his ex-fiancée online. I’d say most girlfriends check their mate’s cell phone or Internet history, so I think I’m not alone in looking. When I confronted him, he said he wasn’t trying to make contact or anything, he just never got closure and wonders about her sometimes. (About eight years ago, he caught her cheating on him, and they haven’t spoken since.) Now I’m all jealous, and feel like I’m competing for his love. Does he secretly feel like he lost “the one”?  — Isn’t...

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Dusting after him

I’m 42 and in love for the first time. I live in a beautiful house with the most kind, generous, sweet and gentle man imaginable. Unfortunately, he’s a slob, and it’s making me crazy! The worst is walking downstairs in the morning and facing the mess. Aaarrrgh!! It can make me irritable/angry/depressed all day. I’ve begged and cajoled. Most embarrassingly, I’ve even thrown a fit. When I pick up after him (I have to — his stuff gets in my way) I feel angry and resentful. He claims he doesn’t like the mess either. On the rare occasion he...

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Second to nun

I grew up witnessing my sister and close friends being chased after by many guys, some even claiming to be in love. Then there’s me, 23, never in a relationship, and barely ever sought after. I’m not unattractive, but I’ve just begun to get it together with the clothes, the hair and whatnot. I lost my virginity last year in a hookup on vacation. I’m now dating somebody I don’t see as relationship material, but who goes MIA, calls randomly, and makes me initiate us hanging out. I’m literally STARVED for attention, tired of coming in last place, and...

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Class half empty

My wife and I are newlyweds. We went to breakfast and I ordered coffee, and she said she wanted only water. The waitress kept refilling my coffee. A couple of times, my wife took sips. The waitress asked if she wanted coffee, and she declined. The manager also asked politely, “Nothing to drink for the lady, just water?” Later, my wife took another sip. I told her it wasn’t proper to keep drinking from my coffee, and she should’ve ordered her own. Now I’m the bad guy. Her comments before she refused to talk to me at all were...

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