PICTURED: Pretty in Pink: Ox Berry (bottom) and Coco Berry waffle sticks from Don Waffly at the Collection in Oxnard, April 2022. Photo by N. D. Lackey Shaffer

Don Waffly
550 Collection Blvd., #170, Oxnard

by N. D. Lackey Shaffer

Waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore, and thanks to Don Waffly, you don’t need a knife and fork, either . . . although a handful of napkins is probably a good idea.

One of the newer additions to the Annex Food Hall at the Collection at RiverPark, Don Waffly is a locally owned eatery specializing in waffles on a stick. These long, rectangular confections are dipped, drizzled and sprinkled in a variety of ways to create a super-sweet yet hard-to-resist dessert. Particularly good when they are still warm from the waffle iron.

At just $6 a pop and almost guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, I decided to get a variety to share with the family. Which is how I found myself carting out a three boxes full of candy-colored deliciousness to sample. 

Six waffle stick combinations are available, or you can get one plain or build your own. Chocolate, nuts and condensed milk feature heavily. The Don Classic is a simple affair with a milk chocolate coating sprinkled with crushed almonds and drizzled with condensed milk. Strawberry-flavored white chocolate makes the pretty-in-pink Ox Berry (with Fruity Pebbles) and Coco Berry (coconut). White chocolate and Oreo crumbles go onto the aptly named Cookies and Cream, while the Crunchy Churro features a divine chocolate-and-spice mix of hazelnut chocolate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and cajeta (a type of caramel). My personal favorite was the Nutty Nutty, drizzled with Nutella and hazelnut-flavored white chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds.

Adding to the fun and anticipation: You can watch the chefs at work while you wait for your order. Mine poured batter into a waffle iron, pulled it out when it was beautifully golden brown, and used a pair of sheers to carefully cut it into shape. Then the dipping began, with short pauses between each step to allow each layer to set. The warm waffle still meant the entire concoction was a bit drippy, but, boy, were they pretty and so tempting. 

A few words of wisdom, if you’re interested. The waffles will lose their crispness after a while, so even though they travel well, it’s best to eat them sooner rather than later. They are messy . . . a delicious mess, but keep lots of napkins handy. And you’ll want to really be in the mood for something sweet; the combinations are great, but it’s a massive sugar overload.

Having said all that . . . Don Waffly’s treats were festive, fun and flavorful — and a novel take on dessert. Kids will love these, and anyone who prefers something savory can order from the egg sandwich menu (untried by me, but if the Instagram photos are accurate, they are probably fantastic as well). Better yet: Get both so you can have your eggs and eat your waffles, too.