by Kimberly Rivers

Even with record numbers of registered voters in Ventura County and a race that was touted by many as a hot issue, a little more than half of registered voters in the county weighed in this month on whether or not Gov. Gavin Newsom would be recalled. 

California voters clearly wanted Newsom to stay in the governor’s mansion, but what were the trends locally? 

Today, the Ventura County Elections Division reports that 509,797 people are registered to vote in the county; just over half of the entire population of the county, 846,000 (2019). In the 2020 presidential election 85.91% of registered voters, or 422,825, cast ballots. 

But in the Sept. 14 election to decide on whether to recall Newsom, a mere 273,132 ballots (53.58%) were cast countywide by eligible voters. 

Of those ballots, 58.67% or 159,045 voted against Newsom being recalled. That tally closely aligns with the state trend of over 60% of voters statewide wanting Newsom to stay where he is.

112,032 voters in the county (well under a quarter of the county’s population) wanted Newsom out strongly enough to cast a ballot, representing 41.33% of votes cast. 

As for who voters wanted to as governor in the event that Newsom was recalled, the resounding consensus was Larry Elder, with 55.39% of votes cast, or 88,234. The candidates in the next two slots were Kevin Faulconer with 7.92% of county voters (12,620) and Kevin Paffrath, a YouTuber and real estate broker from Ventura, with 7.91% (12,592).