PICTURED: The Stuffer with ham, turkey and roast beef on a ciabatta hoagie roll.

by Nancy D. Lackey Shaffer



Ventura Sandwich Company
2700 Loma Vista Road, Ventura

In a world where there seems to be a Subway, Jersey Mike’s or Panera on every corner, it can be hard for a locally owned sandwich shop to stand out. Ventura Sandwich Company, however, has made it look effortless.

And it’s not just the Boar’s Head that has made this Midtown Ventura institution famous in the 805 — although layering up those premium deli meats and cheeses certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s the commitment to quality across the board: several fresh bread options; perfectly crisp veggies; smooth, ripe avocado; condiments from the humble mayo and mustard to aiolis and dressings. They know when to keep it simple (like a basic ham and cheese or the mouthwatering roast beef) and when to give it some flair (such as with the Italian chicken, which includes artichoke hearts, peppers and olives). Even the pepperoncinis and pickles are good! If you’re looking for a handheld meal that’s not a burger, this is the place to go.  

My new favorite is the Aztec roast beef, with tender and juicy London broil that gets decent heat from a very spicy chipotle aioli. But the chicken club, with a hint of smoke from the bacon, is a crowd pleaser. Toasted sourdough is always a good choice, the marbled rye is beautiful (and the classic pairing for pastrami) and the ciabatta hoagie adds a gourmet touch. If you’re cutting the carbs, turn any sandwich into a salad, with all the sandwich fixings on a pile of greens and no bread.

The sandwiches are enormous (I usually save half for lunch the next day) and are great for a crowd. Ventura Sandwich Company can put together a handsome party platter, so consider it for your post-vaccination gatherings this summer. The same attention to detail goes into the macaroni and potato salads, which are delicious, and the cookies, which are a nice little something sweet.

Ventura Sandwich Company doesn’t have an enormous menu or pairings that are too wild. But they make a damn fine sandwich, and when I’m craving one, it’s the first place I go. A nice little locally owned shop with no gimmicks, just premium quality, great flavor and generous servings. Stellar simplicity.