Pictured: Supervisor Carmen Ramirez (Dist. 5) announcing her campaign for supervisor at the Ventura County Government Center on March 6, 2019. Photo by Kimberly Rivers. 

by Kimberly Rivers


At the Jan. 12 meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Carmen Ramirez (Dist. 5) requested that the agenda item for her nomination of Steve Nash, a former Oxnard Planning Commissioner, to the Ventura County Planning Commission be pulled from the agenda. 

Following the meeting later that day Ramirez told the Ventura County Reporter that she and other supervisors had received screen shots of social media posts made by Nash that, while Ramirez believes they were “meant to be private,” included language that was concerning to some, and she’s unsure whether she’ll be able to get the votes to confirm his nomination.

Ramirez emphasized that she nominated Nash because of his positive contribution during his tenure on the Oxnard Planning Commission, saying he was “always prepared. He read everything,” and “did a great job” for the city. She is not fully ruling him out yet, but said she is simply taking the time to “reconsider” the nomination.

Her move followed a similar shift by Supervisor Matt LaVere (Dist. 1), who at the beginning of the meeting pulled his nomination of Chris Stephens in the wake of public concerns citing previous nominations disallowed because of similar expertise in planning. 

Correction: The previous Planning Commissioner for Dist. 5, Richard Rodriguez, passed away in November. Ventura County still lists him as the representative for that district.