Pictured: Vote tallies are close for the race between Rep. Mike Garcia and Assemblymember Christy Smith, for California’s 25th District for the U.S. House of Representatives. 

by Kimberly Rivers


The last of the ballots are still being counted in Ventura County including provisional ballots used at in-person voting locations over the four days during which these locations were open. Mail-in ballots that were postmarked by Nov. 3 are also being counted and have until Nov. 20 to arrive at the County Clerk’s office to be counted. 

The California Secretary of State has until Dec. 11 to certify the results from all counties. 

U.S. Congress, House of Representatives

Four districts occupy areas in Ventura County, either in whole or in part. A few of these races remain shoe-ins for the Democratic candidate, but one race, District 25, is a real nail biter. As of Monday, Nov. 16, Republican Mike Garcia leads Democrat Christy Smith by a very slim 104 votes in a tight race for this House seat that both parties are watching closely. District 25 reaches into Ventura County in Simi Valley. (Online update on Monday, Nov. 16, 8 a.m.). 

District 24: Democrat incumbent Salud Carbajal takes 68 percent of the vote over Republican challenger Andy Caldwell. 

District 26: Julia Brownley, the incumbent Democrat, easily held off Republican Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy with 61 percent of the vote. 

District 30: Brad Sherman, a Democrat, overtakes Republican Mark Reed with a solid 69 percent of the vote. 

State Senate

District 19: Monique Limón, a Democrat in the state assembly, leads with 64 percent of the vote over Republican candidate Gary Michaels. 

District 27: Henry Stern, the incumbent Democrat, received 61 percent of the vote in a convincing rebuttal to Republican candidate Houman Salem. 

State Assembly

District 37: Steve Bennett, the Democratic candidate, moves from the Ventura County Supervisor seat to the state legislature with 68 percent of the vote over Republican candidate Charles Cole. 

District 38: An interesting race for this district, that is mostly in Los Angeles County, with two Republican candidates vying for the seat left vacant by Christy Smith. Seventy percent of Ventura County voters in this district cast their ballot for winner Suzette Valladares, mirroring districtwide voters who contributed 76 percent of their votes to her, over Lucie Lapointe Volotzky. 

District 45: Fifty-four percent of Ventura County voters in Bell Canyon cast for Democrat incumbent Jesse Gabriel, who takes the seat with 66 percent of the vote districtwide over Republican challenger Jeffi Girgenti. 

County, City Races

County Supervisor, 5th District:The projected winner is Carmen Ramirez with 55 percent of the vote over Tim Flynn. 

Camarillo City Council: Dist. 3 – Kevin Kildee, 41 percent; Dist. 4 – Tony Trembley, 77 percent.

Fillmore City Council: At large, three top candidates are elected: Christina Reyes Villaseñor, 24 percent; Ari Larson, 22 percent; Mark Austin, 21 percent. 

Moorpark City Council and Mayor: Mayoral race, Janice Parvin, 49 percent; City Council Dist. 2, Daniel Groff, 50 percent; Dist. 4. Antonio Castro, 76 percent. 

Ojai City Council and Mayor: Mayoral race, Betsy Stix, 64 percent; City Council Dist. 4, Suza Francina, 54 percent.

Oxnard City Council and Mayor: Mayoral race, John Zaragoza, 63 percent. City Council Dist. 3, Oscar Madrigal, 45 percent; Dist. 4 Bryan MacDonald, 35 percent; Dist. 6, Vianey Lopez, 49 percent. 

Port Hueneme City Council: Top two elected: Bobby Martinez, 23 percent; Misty Perez, 22 percent. 

Santa Paula City Council: Top two elected: Leslie Cornejo, 31 percent; Andy Sobel, 28 percent. 

Simi Valley City Council and Mayor: Mayoral race, Keith Mashburn, 56 percent. City Council Dist. 1: Too close to call yet as incumbent Dee Dee Cavanaugh leads challenger Phil Loos by just 144 votes. As of press deadline Loos has not conceded. Dist. 3: Elaine Litster, 46 percent. 

Thousand Oaks City Council: Top two elected: Al Adam, 24 percent; Joel Price 19.3 percent. 

Ventura City Council: Dist. 2: Doug Halter, 42 percent; Dist. 3: Mike Johnson, 38 percent; Dist. 7: Joe Schroeder, 42 percent. 


Ventura County Elections Results are online HERE. 

California Secretary of State Elections results are reported online HERE.