by Kimberly Rivers 

Tim Flynn, the current mayor of Oxnard and candidate for Ventura County Supervisor, District 5, is being supported by a political action committee that has received $100,000 from the California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA) according to documents filed by the committee with Ventura County pursuant to campaign finance rules. 

The committee called “Californians for a Growing Economy and Safe Streets” (FPPC #1405176) states in those documents that its purpose is to support Flynn’s bid for the supervisor seat and lists Michelle Smira of Sacramento as its principal financial officer. Smira was also listed with a committee active during the March 2020 primary election, “For a Better Ventura County supporting LaVere and Long, and opposing Ramirez for Supervisor 2020,” which received nearly $900,000 from the now bankrupt California Resources Corporation, an oil company active in Ventura County. 

Screenshot from California’s Well Finder showing the Oxnard Oil Field (blue highlight) and surrounding oil wells, all statuses included.

Ramirez is active and vocal in her work to fight local projects that contribute to climate change and would have negative environmental and public health effects. She has taken the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, refusing to accept support from fossil fuel companies. 

At recent candidate forums, Flynn has said he would accept money from oil companies and expressed he didn’t think it was feasible to refuse that funding. 

This type of committee is precluded from communicating with candidates about any aspect of their activities, including how funding is obtained and how it will be spent. 

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