Pictured: Club soccer teams play at Kimball Park in Ventura in 2018. Competitive youth sports are currently banned due to coronavirus pandemic. Photo by Jon Osumi. 

by Kimberly Rivers


On Aug. 6, Ventura County Public Health announced that the California Department of Public Health is allowing certain outdoor training and conditioning activities associated with youth sports and physical education to take place. 

Any team or group conducting youth sports training must register at www.vcreopens.com and adhere to the state-issued guidelines. 

Conditioning drills such as running and resistance weight training are examples of activities that are allowed, so long as they take place outside. Indoor conditioning and exercise is not allowed in Ventura County due to current prohibitions on indoor gyms and fitness facilities related to the county being on the state’s monitoring list for spread of the coronavirus. 

All youth physical activity, training and conditioning are allowed with “continuous physical distancing” and “a stable cohort,” meaning the same children are at each training. 

These guidelines apply to all youth sports programs including those associated with schools, clubs and other recreational activities. 

Teams, classes or other youth sports that involve contact, shared equipment, competitive or team play are not permitted. 

Outdoor and indoor sporting events, assemblies and other similar gatherings for the purpose of a sport that would “promote congregating” are not allowed. This includes tournaments, events and competitions 

Guidance from the state regarding adult sports is pending. 

The California state guidance document may be found at COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Youth Sports