by Paul Moomjeanb

One definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In March, I was okay with locking down the country to see if we can stop COVID-19 from spreading. There appeared to be some initial positive responses, only to have the government warn that the worst is yet to come. The whole time, the once booming economy had deflated completely. Then the nation’s governors all found new ways to get into the news. California’s Gavin Newsom and New York’s Andrew Cuomo became the most recognized and respected for their handling of their great states. Yet, at the same second Newsom told California that new guidelines for reopening were created, the Los Angeles County public officials came out saying L.A. County will be locked down through the summer, and most likely until August. None of this is making sense, and if real pragmatic practices are not put into action soon, the county, the state and the country will implode worse than in 1860. 

In my last article, I lambasted the false patriotism of beach-going protestors who claimed they had a right to protest, yet these were the same demographics and political affiliates who went after young black athletes for taking a knee in football games. My biggest beef with the wannabe rebels was that they didn’t seem to have any data to support their cause. Protesting is fine. Just know what you’re protesting.        

Here are the most accurate numbers as of Monday, May 18, 2020: Ventura County has reported 764 cases of COVID-19 and 24 deaths. Neighboring Los Angeles County has reported 38,645 cases and 1,849 deaths. California has reported a total of 78,839 cases and 3,261 deaths since early March. The vast majority of these deaths affected men and women over 55 years of age, with the largest demographic being senior citizens over 85 years old with 915 deaths reported as of the date this article was written, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( website.  

All these cases and deaths are tragic, yet there doesn’t appear to be a way to stop the natural flow of COVID-19. Quarantine isn’t proving to be a way to stop the deaths. Think about how people are still going to stores, beaches, parks, offices, drive-thru fast food, using take-out and delivery, and others are at home until they want to see their friends. I’ve seen so many people still having limited capacity parties at home with friends and family. Using all forms of sarcasm now, somehow the virus is able to ignore everyone they know personally? It’s not so much that the country is quarantining. They’re just keeping their contact to locals only. 

Meanwhile, the airlines are in shambles, entertainment both live and recorded is halted, and Amazon is making a fortune off delivery men and women making far too less. Don’t also forget that people are making more on unemployment with the additional $600 a week than they did working, causing a lot of strife amongst employers and employees trying to keep payroll floating through the non-thought-out Paycheck Protection Programs. Who thought it was smart to offer people huge unemployment benefits and at the same time offer business owners forgivable payroll loans that kept employees on hourly wages but at a lower rate than doing nothing? 

And that is why all of this isn’t making sense. Politicians who came from money, who still make money, and never really understood the working class are making the decisions they have never had to deal with in real life. Newsom and Cuomo are just rich men with no clue how to get us out. This is why the COVID-19 reopening restrictions tell businesses they can keep everyone six feet apart except the party they come to dine with. So, a party of eight can sit together, but they must be six feet away from a party of three. Did anyone check if these parties are already quarantined together? Or is date night safe as long as you trust the other person when you meet up?

Maybe it is time they just let us open up and let the risk takers go out and the scared stay home, and tell the politicians to stop looking like they have a plan. Obviously, they don’t.