PICTURED: Kim Pagano in the studio.

by Alicia Doyle


With social isolation forcing local residents to remain in the safety of their homes, now is a better time than ever to listen to podcasts that feature captivating content. Several good ones are produced right here in Ventura County, providing a local’s glimpse at the world around us as well as a break from the TV. Consider some of these podcasts for your listening — possibly learning — pleasure.

The Kim Pagano Show

Hosted by Camarillo resident Kim Pagano, The Kim Pagano Show features “the brighter side of life” in an effort to lift the entire community with useful knowledge and inspiring guests. The show is based on her belief that we are all connected in the journey of life, and that we all have our individual gifts.

“Together we can support each other through this thing called life,” said Pagano, a married mother of four with four grandchildren whose show is all about “empowering all of us to live our most incredible life, no matter what life throws us, while learning how to stress less.” 

She believes healing can sometimes come from sharing or listening to someone else’s story.  Recent guests include Sloan Grissom, a health security, healthcare preparedness, and emergency management consultant at Constant Associates who talked about the public health, supply chain, and economic consequences of the novel coronavirus. 

The Kim Pagano Show airs live every Saturday morning from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on KVTA.com, where it can also be heard online afterwards. Listeners can also tune into The Kim Pagano Show on Apple Podcasts.

The Kim Pagano Show is also available for no charge [to subscribers],” she added. “Take Kim’s show on the go . . . every day by starting your day in a positive way.”

Stayhealthy® Experience


The Stayhealthy® Experience hosted by Ventura resident Robert Ferguson features health professionals and experts, celebrities from sports and entertainment, noted authors and ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary, health-related challenges.

“I’ve always believed that education is key when it comes to how we eat, think and move for better overall health and quality of life,” said Ferguson, a nutrition expert and best-selling author who is also known as “America’s Fat Loss Coach”.

Robert Ferguson, Stayhealthy® Experience

His podcast gives listeners an opportunity to experience up-close, personal and solution-based conversations about healthy living. 

For instance, recent episodes include Sergeant Jon Seeber of the Onondaga Sheriff’s Department, New York, who shares insight into the growing problem and solution for prisoners, law enforcement and communities as it pertains to COVID-19. In another episode, Tia Morris of the Los Angeles Police Department talks about her stellar law enforcement career and the inspirational story of how she survived an aggressive form of breast cancer, diagnosed on her 48th birthday.

“At this very moment, people have time and podcasts and YouTube shows have major appeal, [and] we are happy to be providing helpful content to those interested in getting healthy, being healthy and staying healthy.”

Considering Some Things

Hosted by Camarillo resident Mark Storer, Considering Some Things is a podcast born during the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020. 

“I used to be in radio and podcasting was always on my horizon, but now seemed the ideal time,” said Storer.

Mark Storer, Considering Some Things

A former English teacher with a background in freelance journalism, Storer knew this podcast was a “natural extension” of what he enjoys. “So, I fired up the laptop, bought a decent microphone and began to talk to people and get their stories during this strange time.”

Guests on the show include Michael Pearce, an artist, journalist and art professor at California Lutheran University who talks about beauty in a time of fear, the importance of imagination and where art will take us during this strange time. In another episode, Dr. Terry Paulson, a nationally renowned speaker and author of several books, talks about building optimism from the ground up — and finding faith, purpose and meaning through the darkness.

“My goal is to talk to people who I refer to as the backbone of our communities — those who create, adapt and look for ways to make life better whether through art, business, service or just by their contributions to their own neighbors’ lives,” Storer said. “These are conversations about the challenges we face and how to navigate them.”

The Townies Podcast®

The Townies Podcast® began in 2017 as a biweekly collection of live original stories and music, written and performed by friends, neighbors and strangers who live in Ventura County. Those featured on the podcast have all developed their stories in Kim Maxwell’s 10-week writing and performance class, which she has been teaching in Ventura County for 25 years.

The Townies, Inc. production team: Kim Maxwell, Lily Brown and Ken Eros. Photo by Brandi Crockett

The Townies is produced by Maxwell as well as Lily Brown and Ken Eros, with studio engineering and mixing by Eros Creative and Sound. All the stories were written, performed and recorded at the Kim Maxwell Studio in Ojai. Some of these performers are professionals and some have never been on a stage before — but they all have compelling stories to tell. 

“The mission of The Townies, Inc. and our podcast is to connect people one story at a time,” said Brown. “And as we isolate right now, we’re craving the connection and humor and community and laughter that comes from sharing our stories more than ever.”

For instance, the season two finale of The Townies was all about resiliency — picking ourselves back up when we fall down — featuring stories by Brown and Cassandra C. Jones with music by Rain Perry.

Humor is also reflected in some of the topics. In episode 207, for example, storytellers Sarah Hartigan and Lacy Shifflette present their hilarious pieces about dating, with music performed by Julie Christensen.

“Producing this podcast has been a delightful and profoundly moving experience in getting to know our friends and neighbors through their raw, vulnerable and hilarious stories,” Brown noted. “Stories give us an opportunity to catch a glimpse of our shared humanity, reminding us that we’re more alike than we are different.”

Brown further emphasized: “Neighbors, we’ll be able to meet in person again soon; but in the meantime, here’s a piece of our Ventura County heart on our storytelling sleeve: The Townies Podcast®, Seasons 1 and 2.”

A few more worth checking out . . . 

Luminary Sounds
Independent music podcast dedicated to helping break undiscovered talent into the mainstream through music reviews, interviews and live shows, with the occasional local news piece thrown in.

Topa Talk
Based in Ojai, hosts Stephanie James and Cody Creighton seek to “have fun, meet amazing people and inspire our listeners.”

Ojai: Talk of the Town
Ojai-centric news, views and more by the people responsible for Ojai Hub and Ojai Quarterly.

SNG Now!
Produced by SNG Studio in Ventura, hosts Steve Neill and Mary Cacciapaglia interview a wide variety of guests to discuss anything and everything, from the entertainment industry to art to the paranormal.