Pictured: Studio 8 offers pilates, yoga and dance classes online. 

by Kateri Wozny

Fitness studios throughout Ventura County may be temporarily closed, but that isn’t stopping them from keeping people’s minds alert and heart beats up virtually! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, here is a list of online classes to try at home.

The Aerial Studio (Ventura)
www.theaerialstudio.net or www.airealyoga.com

Pre-recorded Gentle, Restorative, Power, Slow Flow, beginner and advanced aerial yoga using a soft hammock attached to a rig.

The Aerial Studio is offering online classes.

“The hammock makes yoga easier or more challenging depending on how you want to hold it,” said Carmen Curtis, owner. “It could be used as a spotting device or to hold postures; it makes it softer, easier and safer for people of all ages to do yoga.” 

Prices: $15 for a single class, $25 a month membership unlimited classes.

Egyptian Dance with Zahra (Ventura)

Level I and Level II traditional and folkloric dance styles of Egypt, also known as Raqs Sharqi, via Skype.

“Not only do they get to learn a really fun and sensual dance, but they get to learn about the culture of Egypt,” said Zahra Sami, owner.

Prices: $144 for 12 week sessions.

Elements of Movement Studio (Ojai)
Belinda Hill at info@elementsojai.com

Conditioning, strength and mobility classes that support strong aerial movement via Zoom. Floor-based practices will be implemented when the studio reopens. 

“The classes are oriented to be super fun,” said Belinda Hill, owner. “It’s very communal and [there’s] a deep connection that we make with one another.”

Prices: $10 for a single class, $32 for a four classes, $32 for eight classes and $56 for 12 classes. 

Fit Buddha (Ventura)

Mat Pilates fusion-style classes with kickboxing, yoga and the Alexander Technique via Zoom.

“This class is robust and brings people together in a safe setting to activate the mind, body and spirit,” said Marcus Kettles, co-owner. 

Prices: $5 for a single class or $9 who can contribute more, $99 for unlimited classes.

FitZone (Ventura)
www.fitzoneventura.com. On Facebook, ask to join the Facebook “Zoners: Community Page.”

Barre, kickboxing, Tabata (high-intensity interval training that lasts four minutes), band work and games for kids such as fitness bingo via Facebook Live. Kits with a band and Pilates ball can be delivered to customer’s residences. 

“Joining this community keeps people connected not just through exercise but friendships as well,” said Molly Hill, owner.

Grassroots Yoga (Ventura)

Pre-recorded classes with wellness therapy, meditation, breathing techniques, Restorative, Gentle, power fitness and strength building. 

“Supporting a small local yoga studio is important during this time,” said Sarah Ingram, owner. “[Customers say] it brought them peace, familiarity and an opportunity to get out of your head and into your body.” 

Prices: $39 for the New Student Intro Month Pass of unlimited yoga. Use code: stayhome

Hamsa Studio (Ojai)

Dance cardio, belly dance, Bollywood, barre, contemporary dance, Nia Technique, five rhythms and yoga via Zoom. There is also a kids’ ribbon dance. 

“During this time, it’s most important to keep up with health and fitness,” said Isha Ferraz, owner. “Joining dance and movement classes is a great way to stay uplifted.” 

Prices: $5 for new client drop-in, $15 for regular drop-in, $60 for 5 classes, $100 for 10 classes, $120 a month for unlimited access. 

Hot Yoga Ventura

Bikram and Inferno hot Pilates via Zoom. The Health is Wealth Challenge includes a clean eating program and 30-day access to virtual programming.  

“Stay healthy and happy and make it through this time,” said Shannon Engelhardt, owner. “Take 60 minutes to move your body.” 

Prices: $39 for unlimited all-access pass for 30 days, $297 for the Health is Wealth Challenge.

Lokah Yoga (Moorpark)
www.lokahyogaspace.com or email kelly@lokahyogaspace.com

Lokah Yoga offers core, Slow Flow, Gentle, Choga (chair yoga), Yang/Yin, Piyo and meditation via Zoom, Facebook Live and YouTube. Kids and teen classes will also be added. “Yoga is important to slow ourselves down and connect to one self at breath; it helps with the anxiety and depression,” said Kelly Kennedy, owner.

Prices: Free 

The Pilates Studio (Newbury Park)

Classical Pilates, Reformer on the mat, flow, bodywork and stretch via Zoom.

“Coming together and talking to each other in our own homes has been an amazing experience,” said Colleen Ballew, owner.

Prices: $39, $69 or $99 for 30 days depending on affordability, $19 for unlimited recorded sessions.

SoulBody Yoga (Moorpark)

Flow, Yin, Hot, Therapeutic, Hatha, Chakra meditation and belly dance via Zoom.

“Yoga is proven to be beneficial for physical and mental health,” said Mina Izad, owner. “In times with a lot of fear, it helps us to stay healthy.” 

Prices: Free. Donations are welcomed.

Studio 8 Fitness (Ventura)

Pop Pilates, PIIT28 (high-intensity interval training class combined with Pilates), Booty and the Beat (barre meets functional fitness choreographed to music), yoga and GROOV3 dance (hip-hop dance class) via Facebook Live. 

“It’s so important to be moving not for just your physical body but mental state as well,” said Sarah Houseman, co-owner. “Even 45 minutes a day will get endorphins running and lighten our spirits.”

Prices: $15 a week for unlimited classes.

Studio BE (Ventura)

Classical and contemporary Pilates mat classes via Zoom. 

“It’s a healing process where you calm down, breathe and not think about what’s happening,” said Kathy Lopez, owner. “It’s super comfortable and you can use pillows and blankets in the house.”

Prices: First class is free. Special pricing also offered during COVID-19.

Sun Kissed Yoga (Camarillo)

All levels of Vinyasa Flow, Yin/Yang, Yin, Stretch, Slow Flow, and guided meditation via Zoom.

“We’re all going through a stressful time and the classes help people stay grounded and connected to some kind of a normal life,” said Michael Tang, co-owner. 

Prices: $5 for a single class, $25 for one week unlimited, $40 for two weeks unlimited. Classes are free for medical professionals.

Temple Pilates Studio (Ventura)

Pilates at all levels and body rolling via Zoom.

“People are craving connection,” said Nicole Growdon, owner. “We create a community; we take five to seven minutes at the beginning of class to chat with people.”

Prices: $20 for a single class, $120 for 10 mat classes.

V-Fit Studio (Ventura)

Barre, Pilates mat class, Flow, Restorative, strength and cardio, and cardio and core via Zoom.

“This is an important time to take care of your health and working out reduces stress, improves the immune system and creates normalcy in your life,” said Kathy Lopez, co-owner.

Prices: First class free. Special pricing offered during COVID-19.

Ventura Barre & Fitness.

Ventura Barre & Fitness (Ventura)

Barre classes in Floor, Length and Strength, core work, yoga and Piyo via Zoom.

“It’s good for all fitness levels and ages,” said Jamie Kackert, owner. “It protects your body while it strengthens it, increases mobility, flexibility and core strength.” 

Prices: $20 for a single class, $55 for five classes and $150 membership for unlimited month-to-month livestream access.

Ventura Danzar Fitness & Zumba Fitness (Ventura)

Cardio hip-hop, yoga, Zumba, Pop Pilates and barre via Periscope. There is also Danzar Live Gold for senior citizens. 

“I’ve had ton of people tell me it gets them through the day and moving around relieves stress and anxiety,” said Ionia Kershaw, owner.  

Prices: $30 for two weeks.

Yoga Casita (Santa Paula)
Facebook and YouTube at Yoga Casita

Karma, Power, Yogalates, all levels, Slow and Gentle Flows, and mobility via Facebook Live and YouTube. 

“We go live at 9 a.m. and offer a variety of routines so you can have something different every day,” said Natalie Huss, co-owner.

Prices: Free. 

The Yoga Channel (Oxnard)

Kundalini, Strong, Gentle, Mindful, Stretch, Restorative, Flow, Yin, Chakra and breathing techniques via Zoom.

“Yoga can help cultivate calmness in the chaos,” Aurora Heinemann, steward. 

Prices: $13 for a single class. Class passes that expire in 30 days include $36 for three, $44 for five for new students, $66 for six, $89 for nine and $108 for 12. 

Yoga Jones (Ventura)

Ashtanga, Hatha Flow with spine, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and meditation via Zoom.

“With yoga, it’s more than being physical, it’s a mind-body element that helps you relax,” said Tracy Marcynzsyn, owner.

Prices: $10 for a single class, $75 for monthly unlimited classes, $85 for 10 classes and $160 for 20 classes.