PICTURED: Bridget Graham of Adaawe. Photo by Taso Papadakis

The Ventura Music Festival searches far and wide to create an exciting musical lineup year after year. Talent has come from all over: Europe, Asia, Central and South America. In 2020, the VMF hopes to expand its offerings with more homegrown artists.

“Ventura County is full of great local talent!” Executive Director Susan Scott exclaims. “We would love for [local artists] to send in their submissions.”

What she’s looking for: A personal message — “Do a video of yourself talking to us and your audience” — and a link to a musical performance or video. Messages should run 30-45 seconds, and videos should be about three minutes. If selected, both pieces will be shared on the VMF website as well as Vimeo and other social media channels. Full details and submission guidelines are available at the VMF website.

Classical, jazz and world music acts have been the festival’s bread and butter, but Scott sees the VMF as moving in a more mixed-genre direction, with “the best of anything goes” being the current guideline. 

“Diversification and the inclusion of a younger demographic has been witnessed in the last two to three festivals,” Scott explains, noting that the all-digital Music Connects is an opportunity to cast an even wider net, with fewer limitations. “This digital festival isn’t limited numerically. We don’t have a goal for how long it will be. I would not close the door on any musical genre.”

Rock, pop, punk, folk, roots and everything else will all be welcome. What remains the same: VMF’s commitment to quality.

“The doors are open,” Scott says. “It just has to be <em>really</em> good and produced well.”

For submission form, guidelines and more information, visit venturamusicfestival.org/special-events/vmf-digital-festival/ or email contact@venturamusicfestival.org.

For more information on Music Connects, see “Clicking with the audience” in Music.