by Kimberly Rivers

Buena Grill
At Buenaventura Golf Course
5882 Olivas Park Dr., Ventura

Sometimes you are just in the mood for a no-frills, quick bite of some comfort food. You want to know the food will taste good and be served quickly. A nice view and casual vibe would be nice, and something close by means you can avoid a trek across town.  

Buena Grill is essentially the snack spot for the public Buenaventura Golf Course. The grill has a small casual dining room with a bar and an outdoor patio. Every table has direct views of the golf course. There are the green fairways, rows and clusters of trees and, looking southwest, not a building in sight, giving you a feeling of being far from town. Located along the edge of a business park just off Victoria Ave., north of the Santa Clara River, the Buena Grill is conveniently located for a lunch diversion from the office — lunch and a round of golf to cut up the work day perhaps?

I was there first in the morning and enjoyed the people watching. Some of the early birds gathered for a round of golf on a gorgeous day. Loitering near their carts, waiting for their friends, stretching with a club overhead and sipping coffee. Caddies were busy getting everyone squared away.

Inside the grill there was just one other person, sipping coffee and watching the morning news. I ordered a breakfast burrito ($7) and a cup of coffee ($2), paying at the counter. Almost immediately after I had chosen my seat, a freshly made, hearty meal was brought to my table. Buena Grill’s breakfast burrito features a soft flour tortilla wrapped around melted cheese, eggs, potato tots and sausage. The coffee was strong for my taste. More breakfast choices include bagel with cream cheese ($3) and a breakfast sandwich ($8). I wished the burrito was served with a bit of salsa, but the sausage was savory and the burrito plus the view made for great way to start the day.

Buena Grill club sandwich. Photo by Kimberly Rivers

For my lunch visit I choose the classic club sandwich ($10). Again, quick service and fresh ingredients. Dark leaf lettuce capped a hearty stack of ham, turkey (they were out of bacon that day), avocado and tomato on toasted wheat bread, served with a bag of chips. A basic, enjoyable lunch. Other options include the Buena burger, Philly sandwich and a Cali chicken sandwich with a pesto aioli sauce. I’m curious about the tuna sandwich — now that Buena Grill has passed the club sandwich test, I may have to check out the tuna if I can get my husband to head down with me for that round of golf he’s always talking about.

The grill also touts a full bar with beer on tap and cocktails ($7 and up), and would make a great casual spot for a happy hour meet up.

I’d offer that you won’t get gourmet at the Buena Grill but when you have a hankering for a no-frills meal served hot, quick and casual, this is a great spot to tee up.