PICTURED: Spicy shrimp risotto, gluten-free penne pasta with meat sauce and barbecue baby back ribs with baked beans and coleslaw. Photo by Kateri Wozny

 by Kateri Wozny

Quincy Street LTD
2405 Roosevelt Blvd., Oxnard
$2.95 – $33.95

I’ve lived in the Channel Islands Harbor area for eight years and I never knew about this local restaurant two minutes from my apartment: Quincy Street in Silver Strand Beach, a popular spot that has been going strong for 35 years.

Besides a large selection of cocktails, beer and wine, the website claims that the restaurant is known for homemade barbeque sauce, seafood and pasta dishes. I warn you: Come with a big appetite!

Walking in, it has a country and rustic, warm and inviting feeling to it. I spotted many pictures, jugs, clocks and cans on shelves, and even street signs near the ceiling. It was bustling with locals when three of us arrived at 6:30 p.m. on a Thursday night.

As we browsed the menu, the waitress served us some munchies: a small bowl of carrots and broccoli with ranch dressing and small crostini topped with butter and parmesan cheese.

My friends and I finally decided on a quarter-order of the Onion Brick ($7.95), spaghetti with meat sauce ($14.95) with a side of the “famous” wilted spinach salad ($4.95), half order of the spicy shrimp risotto ($11.98) and a small order of the barbecue baby back ribs ($19.95) with a side of baked beans and coleslaw.

First up, the Onion Brick appetizer. These onions are fresh cut and deep fried in a homemade batter and served with homemade barbeque sauce. Even a quarter order was a lot! The onions were not overly battered and had the perfect amount of crisp to them. Dipping them in the barbecue sauce just added to the flavor.

The salad came out next, filled with spinach, fresh bacon bits and grated eggs topped with a sweet and tangy dressing. This is probably the best spinach salad I have ever had, thanks to that dressing and the ingredients being very fresh.

Time for the main dishes! We had substituted spaghetti for a gluten-free penne pasta, which came topped with a homemade meat sauce that tasted light and sweet. It was very hearty from the meat, but it could’ve used some more marinara sauce and grated Romano or parmesan cheese. My friend enjoyed it with a glass of CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon ($7) that really brought out the flavor of the sauce.

The spicy shrimp risotto had mushrooms and bell peppers in a creamy sauce. The shrimp was cooked and spiced to perfection and the cheese sauce was thick. This is a must order when you dine! We tried it with the 14 Hands “Hot to Trot” Red Blend ($9).

Finally, my Chicago-style baby back ribs. Ahhh… These ribs fell right off the bone and were so tender. I ate the whole thing and it went great with a glass of Mark West Pinot Noir ($9). The sides of the baked beans had a smoky flavor to them while the coleslaw had a light cream.

Before I left, I asked the waitress why the restaurant is called Quincy Street, seeing that it’s actually located on Roosevelt Boulevard. She did not know, although she mentioned that many celebrities used to dine at the establishment back in the day.

So I started checking with the locals. One said that the original owner’s husband was from Chicago and that there is a well-known street in the city called Quincy Street. Another said the husband was from the Quincy Street District in Michigan. The mystery lives on.

Kateri Wozny is a foodie who loves savoring in the latest dishes around the 805. Follow her on Instagram @kitkatwozny.