by Paul Moomjean

Based on Thursday’s (10/31/2019) vote, the impeachment process of President Donald Trump looks to be moving forward, as an inquiry will take place. As a #NeverTrump believer, I can confidently say that I’m very interested in the inquiry and resolution in his Ukraine-gate scandal. On the surface, Trump’s complete disrespect of the office with political blackmail and requesting information on Hunter Biden for resources is a slam dunk, but the aftermath of this, and the pushing for a verdict that may not be the correct one, could divide the country more. While it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and drama of impeachment and removal, Americans cannot view this as a victory in any scenario. America has remained the moral and political authority in the world because of our checks and balances, Constitution and innocent-until-guilty philosophy. If we look for a verdict either way that doesn’t resemble actual truth, we may find that Trump didn’t destroy America — we did.

Since 1998, when Bill Clinton was put through the impeachment process because of lying under oath about his “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky, America has gone from a melting pot to a boiling pot. The 2000 election and hanging chads didn’t help. Then two wars happened, and a liberal two-term president vilified by Fox News and only to be rectified by MSNBC didn’t help. It’s not uncommon to read news stories about families cutting each other off for their voting choices.

None of this is healthy. Yet, the consensus has been by the Left and Never Trumpers to impeach and remove at any cost. While shady, Trump’s previous “crimes” could not lead to any punishment. Collusion was a lame duck. Tax returns are still missing. The FBI’s Director James Comey was useless. So, before everyone gets their “I’m With Impeachment” t-shirt, just remember that he has survived his whole life safe from any repercussions. If the cities of New York or New Jersey couldn’t catch him up to no good, can we really expect politicians? 

Either way, though, an American President under trial is not a good thing. Too many countries have crumbled after leaders were thrown out, arrested or killed. However this impeachment process moves forward, we must demand our leaders and talking heads focus on maintaining dignity and following the rules set forth 200-plus years ago by our forefathers.

A few months ago, beloved Canadian professor and writer Jordan Peterson was on Real Time with Bill Maher. The panel was all gung-ho about impeachment and removal, until Peterson asked a very serious question:                

“It looks to me, from an outsider’s perspective, your country is polarizing in a way that’s not good and that, you know, people are going after Trump and I understand that, but there’s all these people that elected him and identify with him and they’re not taking this well. You might not think they’re very bright and all of that, but you know, you need to have respect for the rest of your citizens and if your country is going to pull itself apart and as you really see this happening from an outsider’s perspective.”

We can’t forget that 62 million Americans voted for him, and removal from offices nullifies what they did three years ago in November. And nullifying a group of gun-toting Republicans and independents could lead to a civil war of undesired consequences.

 “I’m concerned about the dialogue in the United States around the presidency, pulling people farther and farther apart,” Peterson went on to add. “It has nothing to do with the behavior of Trump. I think this is an independent issue.”

While Trump is a divisive force, the GOP was pretty harsh on President Barack Obama, and that wedge created an opportunity for Trump to defeat a lot of capable candidates. Americans cannot rejoice in the destruction of a president, but we must only rejoice if the system works, with all its procedures and protocols.  

Too often Americans are known for being reactionary and impulsive. In our news-as-entertainment, reality-TV-conditioned perspective, the removal of a president is a sad outcome, and it cannot just be viewed as an extension of Trump’s old show The Apprentice