Pictured: Nov. 7, Featured letter refers to our Oct. 24 cover story titled “A port going green.” 

Nov. 14, 2019 

Port of Hueneme

The Oct. 24 [issue of the] VCReporter cover page shows the port symbolically flexing its industrial muscles, an impressive gesture of economic expansion. And “A port going green” is an indication of their environmental stewardship at the port; but not so green in the adjacent community where they covet property for parking 5k cars. “The Port of Hueneme is building a pathway to zero emissions, but one project puts community at odds,” this is an understatement!  The 34-acre parcel on the corner of Hueneme Road and Perkins is critical for the Oxnard AWPF [Advanced Water Purification Facility] expansion and to serve as buffer zone transition onto the Ormond Beach Restoration Plan reserve.  If the port truly wants to reach zero emissions and its impacts, they would need to stop importing gas-powered cars at best, and not store them adjacent to a nature reserve to protect from pollution impacts!

Let’s practice what we preach and recognize the OBRP efforts and the adjacent property essential for a community “Gateway” project.

– Irene Rauschenberger

Voting your environment and not your party

We’ll all get to vote for our environment during the next presidential election! I was afforded that opportunity earlier than most. As one of nine directors sitting on the Ventura Regional Sanitation District (VRSD) Board, I voted not to approve the district’s sizable investment portfolio for this year. Why? It contained “a minor” amount of Exxon-Mobil stock. I reminded our other directors of the similarity between Exxon and Big Tobacco.

I was disappointed that mine was the only “No” vote. We won’t know how much influence divesting of fossil fuel industry stock from major and minor public and private investment portfolios will have. But still we need to try. What we do know is that such efforts, even when they start on a small scale (like mine), tend to inspire more of the same. Hopefully, my example will convince my fellow directors to vote “No” next time.

– Bob Nast


Trump supporters

I am sad, incredulous, stunned at those fellow citizens who continue to support Trump! He lies nonstop, denigrates career military and civil servant employees and accuses everyone else of lying while fabricating conspiracy theories. Any innocent person would willingly want their supporters to testify, show requested evidence, including tax filings, etc.

I am especially saddened by the 98 percent of Evangelicals who are staunchly supporting him when his policies and actions are so against their Biblical teachings!

Trump and the GOP are not upholding the Constitution, only their party. They also ran on “draining the swamp”; under Trump and the GOP, the “swamp” has grown tremendously; just look at his inner circle and how many are in prison, indicted, committing perjury and refusing to appear when subpoenaed.

If a president lands in prison, would taxpayers still have to pay for 24/7 Secret Service protection?

– Judith A. Beay

Nov. 7, 2019

Homelessness and Predatory Landlords

Each night, over 1,650 people are homeless in Ventura County. Homelessness has jumped 28 percent in 2019. Contributing factors were families displaced by the Thomas Fire and the overall scarcity of affordable housing in our county.

Gov. Newsom attempted to do something about the problem of homelessness, and signed a rent control law. The new law only allows landlords to increase rents by 5 percent plus inflation each year until 2030. What a great idea! But it was unforeseeable that this would cause a domino effect, paving the way for greedy landlords to exploit tenants before the Jan. 1 deadline. Landlords are evicting tenants — sometimes for no cause — so rents can be dramatically increased before the new year.

For the past six years, I’ve lived in a small rental house near downtown Ventura in an area referred to as “Off the Avenue.” Until the 1950s this area was “Tortilla Flats.” It is still a multicultural mixture of down-to-earth people. Most of us are renters. Most live paycheck to paycheck. I have one neighbor who works three full-time minimum-wage jobs just to pay rent and feed his family. 

I love my eclectic neighborhood: teachers, artists, laborers, couples with young kids; retired folk.

This house was built in the 1920s. It has rusty pipes, worn wiring and visiting rodents. But this has been my home and I have loved this house with a pride equal to ownership. 

I was surprised when a stranger hand-delivered a 60-day Quit Notice. Another predatory landlord evicted my next-door neighbor just two days prior. And rumor has it that two families over on the next street face the same demise. All over the state, families are facing the financial disaster. Moving is stressful, unsettling and costly.

It was well within the landlord’s right to give notice to evict . . . it just wasn’t very kind. And right before the holiday season makes it especially heartless. And greedy.

I hope we all find affordable housing. I doubt we all will. Some will move in with relatives and friends, while others will stay in the cramped quarters of a parked RV. And unfortunately many will join our large homeless community living down in the nearby Ventura River bottom.

This is all very tragic. Why do we continue to treat each other this way and choose profit over people? What is wrong with humanity?

– Nancy Swanson