Pictured: Arnocorps at The Garage in Ventura, Friday Sept. 27, 2019. 

story and photos by Kimberly Rivers


Last Friday Sept. 27 many Ventura County residents missed a stomping line up of hard hitting bands. If these bands come through again make sure to check them out.  

The Pretty Uglies

The Garage in Ventura was the perfect up close and personal venue for the kicking line up that started with The Pretty Uglies, a fun band with a great look, the impressive Rising Elijah a kicking tight band and even better vocals evocative of James Hatfield (Metallica). The Electric Children took the pre-show with pop-metal original songs propelled by the power guitar – envision the Runaways.

Rising Elijah

The main attraction was the audacious, self-labeled “live action adventure audio assault” delivered by Arnocorps. This band is more than a band. They are a transformative machine, taking the hyped up Hollywood actor persona of Arnold Schwarzenegger and flipping it on its head. Their songs share titles with his movies, but the connection ends there. The troupe takes the “ancient myths” of the films and delivers them to audiences in mosh worthy musical tales. In full character for the night, band members are in fatigues, face paint and hail from Austria (really the band is from San Francisco).

Electric Children

Assaulting audiences since 2000, the eight member battalion toured the UK and Ireland this summer. Audience participation in the form of jumping jacks and other strength building commands takes the experience to a whole new level. For a hard, alt-metal show that leaves you smiling, I command that you seek out and find the next Arnocorps deployment.