PICTURED: Clockwise from top: Hash browns, chili verde omelette, pumpkin pancakes, German pancakes, Benedict Florentine and whole wheat toast. Photo by Kateri Wozny

Vineyard Café
2340 E. Vineyard Ave., Suite A3, Oxnard

I had heard about a new breakfast spot off Vineyard Avenue near the Morgan Stanley Tower called Vineyard Café, so I called my friend and we went to check it out.

You know you’re at the right place because the clock tower is attached to the café. It was almost 9 a.m. when we went, so I was right on time for breakfast! I do want to mention that the café also serves lunch and dinner dishes, but it’s the breakfast menu that is the ultimate eye-grabber.

Vineyard Café owner Bobby Kazem realized there was no café in the area and opened his eatery on Sept. 3. He is all about the quality — all menu items are made from scratch, and 95 percent of the food is locally sourced. Oh, and did I mention he has high quality staff? Very attentive, friendly and helpful!

Walking inside, a burst of colors flew at me — green walls and booths, red and brown chairs and checkered flooring that reminded me of the 1950s. The big “The Brunch Life” on the wall was the next thing I noticed, followed by more wall art in the back: flowers and phrases such as “Let’s eat,” “P.S. I love you” and “Be our guest.” Don’t mind if I do!

Ordering a medium fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice ($4.99) from the fancy Zummo juicer was a definite must on my list, followed by a cup of coffee ($3.29) to wake me up. The café will also soon be serving wine, beer and the ultimate breakfast pairing drink, mimosas!

The menu featured pancakes, omelettes, waffles, crepes and combos. After a hefty discussion with my friend, we ordered the German pancakes ($11.99), pumpkin pancakes ($9.99), chili verde omelette ($13.99) and Benedict Florentine ($12.99).

The German pancakes are more like a crepe, served with fresh slices of lemon and lemon butter — to die for. It tasted buttery, citrusy and sugary all at once. Add that to the soft, thin and smooth pancake itself and it was just a burst of flavor in my mouth.

The pumpkin pancakes were light and fluffy with a dollop of whipped cream. Vineyard Café offers four different types of syrup to add on: old fashioned, strawberry, blueberry and butter pecan. I drizzled on some of the old fashioned; that maple syrup with the pumpkin was delicious.

Our chili verde omelette consisted of chili verde (of course), roast beef, pepper jack cheese and a side of sour cream. I am usually not a roast beef type of person but this was the best I have ever had! It just melted in my mouth and was savory, not chewy at all. This is an absolute must to order — and the spice is just right.

We also ordered a side of hash browns and whole wheat toast. The hash browns were made perfectly — crispy on the top and not too soggy, with a soft crunch. The toast was just right and had a not-too-salty butter that melted right onto it.

Finally, the Benedict Florentine with fried tomatoes, creamed spinach and poached eggs topped with parmesan cheese and a side of red potatoes. I don’t have poached eggs that often because I am not the best at making them at home, so when I do have the chance to order it for breakfast, I will. Adding the parmesan cheese on top definitely brought all of those flavors together nicely — probably the best Benedict I have had in a long time. The fresh-cut red potatoes also had a nice and light spicy seasoning.

We left feeling satisfied and stuffed. Oh, I almost forgot to mention one more piece of art on the wall. It stated, “This is my happy place.” It sure is!

Kateri Wozny is a foodie who loves indulging in the latest dishes around the 805. Follow her on Instagram @kitkatwozny.