Pictured: Dorian Hill of Civil Conflict stirred the crowd into a vibrant mosh-pit, Aug. 30 in Oxnard. Photo by K. Rivers for VCReporter.

by Kimberly Rivers

Friday, Aug. 30, at the Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center, affectionately called the PACC, offered a varied all-ages night of music and community. Four acts brought together by Cola Boyy gathered to raise funds and awareness to save the PACC, which was recently threatened with closure due to budget shortfalls.

Cola Boyy of Oxnard thrilled local fans with his mod pop songs and spoke about the problem of gentrification in Oxnard. “Power to the people” became a rallying cry from the crowd. Photo by K. Rivers for the VCReporter.

The event kicked off with Omega Vega, a 26-year-old Oxnard native delivering self-written lyrics and beats. Fans were thrilled to dance and sing along with Cola Boyy, and grooved and cheered with the dynamic Arrowettes from Los Angeles.

The highlight of the night was Civil Conflict, a homegrown Oxnard punk band, building enough energy in the crowd for a massive mosh pit to form. Anyone who might still hold to the idea that punk is only about anger should have been in that ballroom, where the energy and flow spun positivity out into the ether.

Chelsea Mone’t of the Arrowettes,- a Los Angeles based band of three sisters and their brother. Photo by K. Rivers for the VCReporter.