Pictured: Sarah Wang of Newbury Park teaches curriculum she wrote focused on protecting bees. 

by Kimberly Rivers

The highest award in scouting has been awarded to Girl Scout Sarah Wang, 17, of Newbury Park for her project called “Bee Friendly,” which aims to build knowledge about protecting bee populations.

“My project focus is honeybee conservation because they are crucial to the environment and food production,” said Wang. “When I was a child, I didn’t understand the necessity of insects and pollination to my daily life.” She realized that people in her neighborhood were making choices that put bees at risk and she realized that they needed information.

Wang built a second-grade curriculum to help teach kids how they can be part of ensuring bee populations are protected, and in doing so save all life on earth. She designed the lessons with help from Bryan Castro of the Ventura County Beekeeping Club and visited apiaries.

“Globally, honey bees are used more than any other pollinators,” said Wang, pointing out that our food supply is largely dependent on pollination.

Wang created a PowerPoint presentation, compiled photographs and created an engaging pollination game where students acted out being bees. Her curriculum was put to the test by second graders in Mrs. Anthony’s class at Sycamore Canyon Elementary School. Students learned about bee biology, behaviors and how hives operate.

“It was priceless to me to see their engagement and intrigue in honeybees, knowing that my lesson brought that amazement to them,” said Wang.