Our biggest and most impressive issue is back for 2019, featuring the top three vote getters in over 200 categories, compiled from our readers’ poll. It includes the best in local people, places and things — the service providers, businesses, restaurants, beaches, venues and more that make Ventura County a galaxy all its own.

This year, we celebrate our local cosmos (so to speak) with a 34th Annual Best of Ventura County of astronomical proportions. On July 21, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to step foot on the moon — a journey of more than 200,000 miles from Earth. Fifty years after that monumental achievement, we pay homage to the moon landing and the Space Age with this special outer-space themed issue. We do love an anniversary, and it’s hard to beat the moon landing for sheer significance and wonder.

Cover and section art by Veronica Thurman.

Ventura County is a special place. We have “planets” made up of acres of agricultural land, which yield some of the world’s best produce; miles of beautiful coastline; bustling harbor communities; and hillsides that promise pristine trails and unparalleled views. And, of course, there are our wonderful cities, each with a distinct vibe and culture. In this issue, the VCReporter salutes the local businesses and individuals that you, our readers, have chosen as the best and brightest in Ventura County. From heart-thumping workouts to serenity-inducing spas, delightful coffee hangouts to exciting concert venues, longtime favorites to crowd-pleasing newcomers, you told us what makes Ventura County out of this world.

Please join us on this spaceflight to the Best of Ventura County — we’re heading straight for the stars.