That’s my vision for the future of the VCReporter.

As of July 31, ownership of the VCReporter went to Times Media Group, a corporate media company based out of Arizona, Southland Publishing and David Comden our employer no more. Replacing the publisher is uncertain.

Unrivaled perfection.

In our cover story, in Art and Culture, there was a rare discovery on Da Vinci’s floor that changed the way we set a standard for art and perfection. Apparently “legend” has it that Da Vinci did not relinquish the art piece to the client because it wasn’t perfect. But what would you say to the person paying you that you indeed loved it and didn’t want to let it go?

Legends come and go and there is a moving bar for a standard in journalism that goes from “Journalism 101: don’t make it personal” to editors stalking reporters online to ensure no apparent conflict of interest, to the indifference and even fear reporters have of each other, lest they get scooped or otherwise. That bar needs to be re-examined, closely.

This journalism gamut spans wide but I will tell you this, I’ve been sitting in this position in this office in a historic church at 700 E. Main St. in Ventura for 11 years, among colleagues and staff who span over two decades to some weeks working at the VCReporter, and I can confidently report, when I was told to stay the course and that the purchase was an investment in community news, I believe it.

And it’s exciting. For the time being, very exciting.

In my roughly 14 years working in journalism, it is apparent that there is always direction, even if subtle, about editorial content. It may be good or bad or a grand plot, but I can tell you this, this is Michael Sullivan, managing editor of the VCReporter, and I am excited about the possibilities of shaping the paper into one more reflective of the residents and readers but also that demands engagement and cooperation.

In my tenure at the VCReporter thus far, the stories I have been privy to, most of which have been published, are amazing, surprising, startling. They come from editorial staff contacts, readers and local residents but too often PR firms that work with nonprofits and agencies that work with people to better lives. But then there is much more to the story that neither I nor our readers get to learn.

Context matters.

Now, aside from the disheartening things in our society, I am hoping we can distinctly connect with you, our readers, that you read for inspiration, not simply information. Despite so-called rules of journalism, our bylines do not simply represent reporters and columnists; they are people with names, lives and their own stories. Our ad reps and production team, people with names, lives and stories too. And there is no way to keep it purely balanced always; all of us are aware of how the society we live in has shaped our lives. That fact is taken into account in our reporting and all that we do here.

It seems as though now more than ever is the time to connect and reconnect with our community. We need to speak up as individuals, through our own self-awareness, not just through alleged representatives of our apparent best interests. And we want to serve as that platform for you to connect you to your community at large. Please help share the message with people who don’t read the paper or this note that the VCReporter wants to connect and to help resolve issues through awareness and get moving forward, accountability and enjoying our lives the ultimate goals.

It has been said the system as designed is the best the world has to offer, but many have endured serious injustice and they are the most despised as well.

Perhaps you could write to us your ideas of the kind of people who fit that stereotype and let’s see what we come up with so maybe we can understand, how come injustice? What is fair?

So for today, for this issue at least, I’m excited for what the future holds and read the current issue to see how the trial unfolds and learn about the genius of Da Vinci, plus much more.

Today is a good day. 😎

To connect, email editorial@vcreporter.com.

To all, thank you for supporting the VCReporter, our readers who pick us up and read our content and then support our advertisers who believe in what we do and offer.