Congratulations to…
Jodi Farrell
, who has been operating her music studio in Midtown Ventura for 25 years this summer. The talented chanteuse and guitarist has helped numerous local musicians find their voice, learn a thing about keys and strings and expand their musicianship. Her clientele includes local luminaries Sharon Hendrix, Karyn 805, Francesca Garofoli (of Right Amount of Wrong) Guy Martin, Alastair Greene and Tommy Marsh. And with more than two decades in the business, Farrell’s had the opportunity to help a new generation — including children of former students. Farrell still performs as well, and can be found gigging at the Waterside in Oxnard, Grapes and Hops in Ventura and other local venues. She’s woven into the fabric of this community in more ways than one — and we hope she’ll be rocking and rolling for another 25 years!

Punk in a Bottle
recently got an homage of sorts thanks to local specialty brewer Casa Agria. The Oxnard-based maker of sours, saisons and farmhouse-style ales is paying tribute to Ventura County’s homegrown music movement with a beer all its own. Slammin’ at the Club: A Clean-Cut American Lager

Nardcore luminaries assisted in the brewing of Casa Agria’s Slammin’ at the Club. Photo courtesy of Josh Stamps

takes its name from Agression’s “Slammin’ at the Club” as well as Ill Repute’s “Clean Cut American Kid.” Tony Cortez, Ill Repute guitarist, had the honor of coming up with the name, and several of Nardcore’s finest — including Scott Radinsky (Pulley), Larry White (Stalag 13 and Dr. Know), Ismael Hernandez (False Confession and Dr. Know), Chuck Shultz (Ill Repute) and Christina Adame (Auxiliö) — got to participate in the brewing process. “It’s made by us, for us,” says Cortez, who describes Slammin’ as a “blonde, light, crisp, easy-drinking beer.”

“They’re a great brewery, they’re in Oxnard and they’re involved in the music scene,” Cortez says. “It’s just a great collaboration with them.”

Slammin’ at the Club will be released officially on Friday, June 28, at noon at Casa Agria’s tasting room at 701 N. Del Norte Blvd. in Oxnard, with music by The Robot Uprising. Later that evening, Los Compadres at 3712 Saviers Road, Oxnard, will host an after party with False Confession, Stalag 13, Fist Fight on Ecstacy, 3 Day Holocaust, DSMK and Civil Conflict. Festivities kick off at 7 p.m.

Folk music series moves to CMATO
The Four Friends Gallery in Thousand Oaks recently closed. But take heart, folk music fans! The bands play on at Brogden Bay Presents. Steve Brogden’s music series — which had been hosting concerts at Four Friends since 2015 — will continue to offer award-winning blues, bluegrass, Americana, folk and world music acts at the California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks. Jazz legend Don Randi performed in early June, and more concerts will be announced later this summer. Find upcoming events at and