Whole system is whacked

Re: “A separation of church and homelessness,” Purple is the New Party, May 30

I find it interesting that any Ventura Council member can express any form of fear concerning the homeless epidemic in Ventura, when there is no rent control, the waiting list for housing is six years or so longer than it should be or that there are a multitude of farmlands that have been sold and condo/apartments and single family housing being built that does not as far as I know include any affordable housing or dedicated allotment of units intended for housing/homeless use.

This whole system is whacked. The Supreme Court says it’s not against the law to sleep on government property? That’s great but that’s a cop out and is easier than making a law that rent control and housing in every part of this country be forced!

Who’s accountable? The church? Oh don’t get me started! The only thing that a person needs to get help from a church is the need. Yet they (churches?) also run you through a process just to tell you they can only help with so much and since you need more than that they won’t help at all! The church (any kind of church) is a foundation of false claims in the name of God!

I think we need to act locally and hold some people accountable who have been chosen to run our city, and light a fire under their butts to actually do something about housing! This is long overdue and it’s a crime against humanity! You’re not absolved from this crime because you “let the people you put on the street sleep on your city and county door steps!”

Maybe that’s what really needs to happen. Maybe all the homeless should make it their duty to remind our government everyday by sleeping in past the allotted time and letting them see what there crime really is…

Just a thought? 

Lusha Koniecki
Ventura city resident for 44 years 

On board with stem cell healing

Re: “Heal yourself,” Feature, May 30

Last September a MRI revealed that I had a badly damaged and painful shoulder with multiple rotator cuff tears. I had to stop the sports that I have long enjoyed. My primary care doctor had advised me to avoid shoulder replacement if possible due to the long recovery and possible complications.

After two orthopedic surgeon’s recommendations for complete shoulder replacement I consulted with Dr. Sweet and made the decision to try a stem cell injection. Bone marrow was removed from my iliac crest and the injections were guided by a radiologist using ultrasound.  The treatment took about two hours and I resumed work the next day.

After two weeks of rest, I began rehab with Bodyworks Ventura as they guided me with periodic evaluations and an exercise program, which I have followed and expanded over time. My shoulder recovery has been continuous and I’m at about 85 percent of full function six months after the treatment. I have been able to once again surf, ski and mountain bike. I agree with Jack Nicklaus’ statement that stem cells are changing orthopedics.  Now the insurance companies need to get on-board!  

Hugh McTernan

Freedom of speech

I was quite amused today (June 6) while reading your opinion page. Two of your esteemed readers were really using insulting language! That is freedom of speech, I suppose.

Anyway, I am very surprised that no one used the old Internet insult, which was/is “FOAD.” IF you do not know what that means, that indicates that you have not been around the Internet as long as I have. That one is a real oldie but goodie. Short and to the point and very insulting.

Keep up the good work. Good coverage of our greatest generation and D-day vets.

God bless our WWII vets; those who are gone and those who are still with us.

John (Vietnam vet.) Jay

Gratitude over SB 267 piece

Re: “Why the fervor to impose vaccinations via SB 276?” Power to speak, June 6

Audrey Nicholson’s recent piece on SB276 stands out. Real journalism in a day when I thought such things had gone the way of the dodo. I’m impressed with her reasoned, measured writing, and impressed that you folks took the risk to publish her piece. 

Thank you all,

Tim Bennett
Chapel Hill, NC

I am writing to thank you for printing this story. As a parent who is involved in this fight, I have everything to lose and I have heard every version of why us parents shouldn’t be trusted, respected or heard. But what parent who has seen the damage vaccines can do wouldn’t fight tooth and nail to protect their kids from any further harm. Parents are supposed to be protective of their kids, it’s part of the territory, and this bill is a direct threat to my kids.

Beyond that though this bill is a threat to our country’s founding principles. Even if an individual thinks vaccines are the savior of civilization they should be concerned at the precedent being set by SB276’s mandating of medical practice, how else might this manifest down the line?

Even a doctor that thinks every patient should have every vaccine should take issue with the government inserting itself in between the doctor/patient relationship. The head of the CA Medical board is not a doctor, will never meet my kids, but they should decide what is best for my kids?

But my kids aren’t their concern, they are just two individuals. According to [State Sen. Richard] Pan whether or not my kids should get vaccinated should be in the charge of the CA Public health department because it’s a matter of public health. That it’s part of our social contract to vaccinate every single living person with or without informed consent in order to protect society as a whole.

But the conveniently overshadowed dark side of the “greatest good for the greatest number” stance is that the smallest number (say .07 percent), also known as a minority, are mercilessly sacrificed for the good of the greatest number. I’m not going to allow Pan to sacrifice my kids, I’m gonna fight with every ounce of strength I can muster and if we lose I will move my family out of state. If Pan was truly concerned about the children’s health he would be fighting for safer vaccines that are tested against true placebos by agencies that are not directly profiting from the mandating of vaccines.

Again thank you, every once in a while someone hears us, and when they do it sure feels empowering. 

Sara Semmes
Mom of two

I want to praise you for publishing Audrey Nicholson’s article, which explains SB276 and clearly sums up its main points as well as its potential ramifications to not only families with a child with a medical exemption (such as my own), but the astronomical fiscal impact it will have on the state of California. The fact that Nicholson highlighted the obvious conflict-of-interest of Pan being a huge recipient of pharmaceutical money, as well as the fact that she humanized the mostly demonized “anti-vaxer” crowd by revealing the sad truth — that most of us are actually ex-vaxers, shows me that some publications and journalists still have integrity. What a refreshing change.

Nicole Chandler and the Chandler Family

THANK YOU for your phenomenal reporting piece called “Why the fervor to impose vaccinations via SB 276?”

It was a pleasure to read something so non-biased with actual facts being reported!

Arlynn Liebster
Agoura Hills

I wanted to reach out to thank you for your brave and honest representation of the common sense aspects of SB 276. Audrey Nicholson’s article, “Why The Fervor to Impose Vaccinations Via Sb 276?” is a refreshing piece of journalism that speaks to the heart of the matter rather than using fear based tactics to push an unnecessary and expensive new law on the children of California. 


Stephanie Sur

Thank you very much for sharing your recent story by Audrey Nicholson regarding SB276. This has been so much misinformation and media corruption around this bill — and her article was well-researched, -written and gave a much better understanding of all perspectives. It is by far the best piece I have read regarding this controversial issue.

I myself, am not opposed to vaccines, and am fully vaccinated. With that said, I felt the article was enlightening and gave a voice to the medically fragile that may not be able to vaccinate as the CDC demands. I am not in support of government mandates that don’t protect the vulnerable.

Thank you

Catherine Shepner

I am writing to thank you for publishing Audrey Nicholson’s article “Why the fervor to impose vaccinations via SB 276?”

My own child has complex, chronic health problems, and over the years, four different licensed physicians (evaluating her independently) have expressed the opinion that she should not have any further vaccinations of any type. She had serious adverse effects from a vaccination at 5 months old, and the risk of damage to her health (including the risk of severe brain injury and the risk of death) far outweighs any likely benefit of vaccination in her case. Two of these physicians wrote medical exemptions for my child. 

And yet under SB 276, my child would not be eligible for a medical exemption, even from the specific vaccination that made her ill for eight weeks when she was a baby. Why? Because SB 276 would make the CDC’s “Contraindications and Precautions to Vaccination” the rule for medical exemptions in California, and this CDC document is grossly inadequate and out-of-date. In fact, the CDC’s contraindications and precautions actually conflict (by both omission and commission) with the contraindications and precautions the FDA requires vaccine makers to list on their information sheets for physicians.

Since my child’s vaccine injury, I have spent hundreds of hours learning about vaccines and their effects. I have print-outs of about a dozen published scientific studies on vaccines in my file cabinet, many more articles stored on my computer, and links to hundreds of other articles in my computer files. I have about a dozen books on vaccines, most written by physicians or Ph.D. researchers, on my bookshelf. I have the science and medical background to read and understand all these materials.

And yet in most media articles these days, I and other people who oppose vaccine mandates, and bills such as SB 276, are called selfish, ignorant, and “anti-science.”

So it was wonderfully refreshing to read Audrey Nicholson’s article, with its accurate description of people who oppose SB 276 as “ex-vaxxers” (in many cases), health care practitioners (in some cases), altruistic, “educated and informed citizens.”

My sincere thanks to Audrey Nicholson for writing this article, and to you for publishing it!

Kayla Wildman
Ukiah, California

I want to send a huge thank you for the article titled, “Why the fervor to impose vaccinations via SB 276?” written by Audrey Nicholson. Your choice to present this valuable article to the public was a critical step in supporting the sharing of information that censorship has challenged. This article was well-written and allowed the public to learn more about this bill SB 276 and its potential effects.

So again, I send many thanks from myself and many in our community in the central coast who read the piece and appreciate your choice to publish. 

In Gratitude,

Tamie Posnick 

I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the balanced article you recently wrote on SB276 in VC Reporter.

It is so difficult to get any real/accurate coverage on this topic and so I am truly grateful that you believe in true journalism and were willing to go up against the popular narrative. We have so many doctors, immunologists, toxicologists, scientists, researchers ringing alarm bells but their voices go unheard.

And then there are the many who talk to us but remain publicly silent for fear of ramification (losing job, license, practice — which are all real threats). We know anchors who have lost their jobs when trying to cover this topic. Luckily we are much further along than we were even three years ago and this topic is now out in the open. And we rely on true journalist like you to get the facts out.

In gratitude,

Denise Young

Editor’s note: We received numerous emails in response to this Power to Speak, some a line or two, some anonymous. We have included those who included their names. For clarity, we have provided a short biography of the writer along with the responses.

About the author: Audrey Nicholson is a Ventura native, concerned parent, and community member serving local families. After years of studying vaccine injury, manufacturer liability, and environmental impacts on health, her activism has grown to honor the countless lives impacted by the surrounding topics of children and health.