Genuine Parts — formed in 2014 by four San Francisco Bay area women united by a love of rock ’n’ roll, motorcycles and the open road — is a band known for its heavy riffs and blaring guitar leads that’s been influenced by KISS, Girlschool and The Stooges.

On June 1, Genuine Parts will play at the Deer Lodge, the oldest restaurant and tavern in Ojai, where they will showcase their talent for the first time, said Dani Agnew, a Ventura native, who performs vocals and plays guitar.

“I’ve been to the Deer Lodge a bunch of times but I’ve never played there,” said Agnew, the youngest band member at age 30, who will join the stage with Rosie Gonce on vocals and drums, Rachael Chavez on vocals and guitar and Paul Oxborrow on vocals and bass.

Also performing on June 1 is No Divide, a punk rock band from Santa Barbara whose guitarist and vocalist, Carly Gonce, is Rosie Gonce’s sister, making it a family reunion of sorts.

“We’re super excited we’re coming back with . . . Rosie’s sister so it will be a fun little family show,” Agnew said.

She describes Genuine Parts as “a four-piece riff-heavy rock-and-roll band exploring magic, mystery and the wild feminine,” adding that the songwriting is a collaborative effort. “The content of our writing has evolved over the years, and right now there’s definitely been a lot of things happening in our personal lives . . . losing loved ones or giving birth. So there’s a deeper meaning about finding ourselves and growing and navigating the world as a woman.”

Continuing on the subject of female empowerment, Agnew said “it’s important for us to have an outlet to talk about those experiences and have a way to channel it, and build community around women, because we feel like amazing things can happen when women support each other, and that’s the face we have built in the band.”

Genuine Parts really all started with a love of vintage motorcycles, especially Hondas, and “it’s actually where we got inspiration for our name,” Agnew said. She and Chavez both had vintage Hondas, and Agnew parted ways with hers recently to make room for a Triumph. 

“Learning how to ride a motorcycle was hugely inspiring for me as this band was forming; a lot of our earlier songs are about riding and raising hell,” Agnew said. “Over the years our sound and songs have evolved and gone deeper than our passion for riding, but we still love exploring on two wheels and it’s a theme we come back to a lot.”

Up north, they’ve performed at numerous venues in San Francisco, including Bender’s Bar and Grill, Bottom of the Hill, The Knockout, Thee Parkside and Hemlock Tavern; as well as spots in Oakland, including The Golden Bull, The Uptown and Eli’s Mile High Club.

Later this year, they plan to start working on a full-length album. Meanwhile, they are looking forward to performing about 10 songs on June 1, including “Handless Maiden” and “La Loba,” both released in November of 2018. “We also have a new one called “Dark Man” that I’m pretty excited about,” Agnew said.

Born and raised in Ventura, Agnew attended elementary and junior high school in the area, and was later home-schooled until she left Ventura around age 16. Compared to Ventura, the Bay Area is also very laid back, she said, “but there’s a lot more diversity up here, a bigger music community, and that’s been a big part of the reason why I’ve put my roots down up here.” Even so, because she still has connections in the Ventura area, the upcoming show in Ojai is a chance to “get out of town for a couple of days and see friends and family.”

Since Genuine Parts was initially formed, they’ve had a lot of different lineups, and started out as an all-woman outfit made up of people that have known each other for years through the music scene. Oxborrow came on board last year.

“He’s a perfect fit,” Agnew said. “He’s a total ally.”

Genuine Parts performs with No Divide on Saturday, June 1, at 9 p.m. at the Deer Lodge, 2261 Maricopa Highway, Ojai. For more information, call 805-646-4256 or visit