In response to “Squeezed out of California, Ventura County,” editorial, Feb. 7

What can we do as a community with lawmakers at our behest to make Ventura County and California an attractive place to live for all income ranges?

Make it easier to life

1. Single level units. Multi-level buildings must have elevator access. This will draw boomers out of their homes.

2. Transit. County’s transit is unusable. Ventura is an island consisting of islands of populations.  Need a fast, easy way to LAX, not the three hours it takes with every service. Need a commute ring around the county to connect with transportation services to LA allowing people to live in Ventura County and work in LA.

3. Agriburbs. Celebrate the county’s agricultural heritage by creating agriburbs where the HOA is built around a community farm. 

4. Grown in Ventura. Create a brand of the best food like Napa has done with its wine.

5. Entrepreneurs and sole practitioners. Make it easy with permits and live-work.

6. Reward cities who achieve infill growth … not sprawl into ag land.

7. Reward cities who eliminate homelessness.

8. Water research. Create research centers for water. With so much problematic water in the county, create a center for research and best practices for cleaning water (chlorides, antibiotic resistant bacteria, CECs , urban runoff contaminants, brine disposal, etc.)


Sheryl Hamlin
Santa Paula

Revitalize with efficiency

The best thing we can do to make Ventura County an attractive place to live for all income levels is to revitalize our cities with dense, walkable, mixed-use development that prioritizes people and public transit over cars and parking lots. In addition to increasing housing supply and easing the burden on our citizens, this is also the sort of development pattern that will be needed to meet California’s ambitious climate goals. 

Suburban, car-oriented housing supports fewer businesses, leads to more vehicle miles traveled, consumes more municipal maintenance dollars per acre, and occupies more of our beautiful natural lands and agricultural spaces. Even with aggressive adoption of electric vehicles our state will still need more than a 15 percent reduction in vehicle miles traveled to meet our climate targets. The way to do that is to build dense, efficient cities that get people out of cars and onto sidewalks, bikes, buses and trains.

Christopher Tull

From the web (comment on editorial):

Progressive ideals too costly

For the same reason that people are fleeing many so-called “progressive” (a permutation of communism/authoritarianism) jurisdictions — over-taxation, over-regulation and utterly insane social policies that make life expensive and miserable in these jurisdictions. I wish I could say I’m amazed that “progressives” never seem to be able to put this blindingly obvious 2+2 together but, alas, the eternal nature of the blind ideologue and religious fanatic is to refuse to see the fallacy of her belief system.

California is now dominated by “progressive” Democrats, so no one can honestly blame anyone but them for the problems here. However, “progressives” aren’t honest and will find a way to blame Republicans and/or President Trump for the failure of “progressivism” here in this once-great state. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Venezuela, the former USSR & East Bloc, Red China, Cuba, etc. — all places wrecked by “progressivism” (if we’re being honest, this word is and has always been a euphemism for communism), and we can even include San Francisco (or maybe I should call it “San Franshitsco?) in this list of shame — from where Gavin Newsome failed-up into the Governorship from. So much for “holding public officials accountable,” eh “progressives”?

As a wise man once said, “The only thing we learn from history is that people don’t learn from history.”

— ShellyN

Breaking point

I am responding to your Feb. 6th editorial (“Squeezed out of California, Ventura County”). I believe that over the next three to five years, hundreds of thousands of Californians will leave/flee the state. The never-ending tax and overall cost of living increases have squeezed the middle class — and the wealthy who pay around 50 percent of their income in taxes — to the breaking point. The political decision to allow open borders, regardless of whether they are criminals or not, with housing, healthcare, education, and food paid for by taxpayers, is too much for many people (not to mention the thousands of “non-violent” criminals released from prison!).

I have lived in Northern California since 1986. I remember the days of great roads, schools, state tax rebates, and government that worked for the people. Those days are long gone. I have started a Facebook Group called Leaving California. Membership in the closed group is growing by 100 percent/month. So many people are moving to “sane” states where they can safely raise their families, in great school districts, with a manageable cost of living.

I’d be happy to discuss further with you. Feel free to reach out. Thanks!

Terry Gilliam
Northern California

Wars coming near you

The U.S. military is now producing wars as often as Hollywood produces films. The Pentagon, and their Directors, the corporate media, are reeling them out, releasing them one after the other. And the well advertised trailers are rolling across the global screen too: COMING SOON! IRAN! Check out the summer release of North Korea! And of course don’t miss the recent release, VENEZUELA! They are replete with cameo performances by top actors like Elliot Abrams (the Guatemalan mass murderer) Michael Pompeo (the arch type torturer, and the wonderful NSA character actor, John Bolton (Allen Dulles’ twin brother by a different mother). The old star, Hitler, is rolling over in his grave with jealousy.

All films are distributed by Fascism Gone Wild. So prepare yourself for this year’s award shows. We start off with the Bolton Globe Awards, followed by the JAG awards, and then of course the shock-and-awe finale, the Academy of Wars. Stay tuned for which political actor will win best war contractor. The suspense is killing me, you, and all of us. Coming soon, the next war! in “theaters” nearer and nearer you. And don’t forget to look for Mad Dog Mattis’ new star on the Walk of Fame. And the host of this year’s Academy of Wars is none other than CNN’s Wolf (Blitzkrieg) Blitzer, with a special war eulogy by Brian Williams. And rumor has it he’ll be parachuting from a Black Hawk down to the Red Carpet! Real or not, it should be Fasctastic!

And some of you can take this all the way to the bank, we promise this year’s wars will be even more action packed thrillers than last years. We can only hope that we have enough endurance and disability to see them all, or enough money left over for the popcorn. But not to worry, it will be well worth it for at least 0.1 percent of us. So lace up those goosestepping shoes and get on down to the next movie, knowing, one man’s Best Picture is another man’s full blown terror, or, it’s only entertainment when you’re not in it.

Grant Marcus

Government is not trusted

The selection of Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, initiated a new era of lies. It is estimated Trump tells 20 or more lies and misleading statements on a daily basis.

In my memory, as an 85 year old, I have never known a time when lying out of the mouths of politicians and important people has been so prevalent. It is impossible for a Democratic form of government to operate efficiently when government is not trusted. In our case, the individual at the head of our government is a prolific liar who cannot be counted on. Donald Trump has made a career of falsehoods and of misleading statements. His policy of lies has spread to every area of government and to every important issue we face. Furthermore, no shame seems to accompany false pronouncements.

I think we can put a stop to it through effective, impressionable and forcible legislation.

We should enact a law, embarrassing as it is, to make it a crime for any elected official or government official to lie or to mislead the public with severe consequences to be paid by violators. This should be implemented at the local and federal levels as well. I suggest that mandatory jail sentences and fines of one year and $100,000 be imposed on anyone whose statements have an effect on the lives of American citizens and American residents.

Individuals running for public offices should be required to sign an affidavit affirming that they will not only “defend and protect” the Constitution of the United States but will advocate or tell no like with respect to his or her official statements.

A new government department: The Fact Finding Department should be enacted and staffed to ensure that truth be insured in our political life.

l know there will be severe opposition by those whose careers will be impacted by this legislation. However, the culture of lies must be terminated and the only way to take this matter into our hands effectively is to legislate it.

Miguel Espinosa, Jr.