Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen announced on Jan. 22 that Jeffrey Lambert will be Oxnard’s new Development Services Director, starting Feb. 4. Lambert had been placed on “leave” as Ventura’s Community Development Director on Jan. 16, having held the position since 2009.

Jeff Lambert

“I’ve had a really good run in Ventura,” Lambert said. “I am proud of my accomplishments and the community development team and what we have done to transform [the city]. I am really excited about the challenges and opportunities” ahead in Oxnard.

While his new salary and benefits have not been made public, Lambert said he will be receiving better compensation.

In his role in Oxnard as Development Services Manager, he will oversee planning, building and code enforcement, similar to his role in Ventura, but also discussed the opportunity to look into economic development as well, after some reorganizing within the city.

In the press release announcing Lambert’s appointment, Nguyen stated: “Mr. Lambert is action oriented and is committed to building a strong development team, continuing community engagement, and improving stakeholder partnerships to get things done. Jeff’s experience and leadership will help Oxnard become a more business friendly City; he will jumpstart our planning, building, and permitting processes to make projects easier for builders and homeowners.”

The announcement also listed his various accomplishments working for the city, “he played a leadership role in many key accomplishments such as the public/private partnership with Community Memorial Hospital’s new in-patient facility and parking structure, the Ventura Botanical Gardens, the Amgen tour hosting City, homelessness shelter policy and action, the further development of the City’s historic downtown, and the Thomas Fire recovery and rebuild efforts.”

Dave Ward, who served as Ventura’s Planning Manager, is now serving as interim Community Development Director for Ventura.