Community members wanting to help out the Borderline shooting families and residents displaced from the recent wildfires can do so during a fundraiser at Camarillo Ranch on Sunday, Jan. 13.

It’s called Rising From The Ashes: Honorary Dinner and Pop-Up Market. The fundraiser will include adult and infant clothing, hygiene products, diapers and furniture from local vendors. Borderline shooting families and wildfire victims will be able to shop and eat dinner free of charge, while the pop-up market is the only portion of the event open to the public for purchase.

Tawny Roberts, organizer and Thousand Oaks resident, said many of the vendors who donated got involved via word of mouth. She wanted to host the fundraiser as a way for the community to come together during a time of grieving.

“We’re a community and a family, especially the people who lost their homes,” Roberts said. “I want those people to feel like they have a home and a family in the community.”

Roberts said she received a complimentary storage unit free for two months to hold the furniture. Moving trucks will also help bring it to the wildfire victims’ new homes once they are secured.

“We want them to feel like we are here to support [and] help them with anything they may need,” Roberts said.

Roberts has sent numerous fundraiser invitations to the Borderline shooting and wildfire victim families encouraging them to attend for free. She said she hopes attendees get a sense of community from the fundraiser.

“So many people may not have known each other before this [event], but after this, we will feel like a family and a new sense of community,” Roberts said. “In a time of devastation, you know you have people to support you and depend on.”

Rising From The Ashes Pop-Up Market will be held 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Camarillo Ranch, 201 Camarillo Ranch Road. General admission to the market is $10; children are free. General admission holders are asked to bring a wrapped gift for wildfire victim children. The dinner is for Borderline shooting families and wildfire victims only.

For more information, to become a vendor or volunteer, email Tawny Roberts at or visit