Offensive speech vs. not PC

I have just finished the editorial about Dave Creswell (Nov. 21). As usual, this was a balanced, well-written essay.

My contribution is this. I think it’s time to retire the term “PC” as in Politically Correct. It is often used just before saying something offensive or degrading to a class of people.

In the article, the phrase was used to assign a specific trait to a possible replacement for Mr. Creswell. I would argue that politics has nothing to do with inoffensive speech or written word. It’s binary. It either is or it isn’t. And, specifically, this article was written by someone who makes a living with words

Words matter.

Chuck Galvin

One of the most notorious

I am an 85-year-old product of the Catholic indoctrination and propaganda system. It took most of my entire life to emancipate myself from the formidable clutches of the Catholic scam.

However I tried, its genius guilt program would not allow what has been recognized as my superior intelligence to surmount its grasp of my mental faculties.

Finally, through research and study, I was able to accomplish my freedom, rid myself of its adhesive misinformation and achieve mental and spiritual freedom. I have never been free under my allegiance to Catholicism, although it emphasizes willpower and independent thought.

It was my experience to feel welded to Catholicism despite the common sense that warned me. It was not until repeated reminders of the hypocrisy of the priesthood, many of whom chose membership in the princes of Christ brotherhood to gain access to small, innocent and available children to rape, sodomize and mutilate mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

The clincher was the efforts of Catholic hierarchy, leaders of dioceses like Los Angeles where a cardinal covered up for child molesting priests in order to save the church’s reputation. It had already been confirmed that the church constructed a facility to house predatory priests who had been confirmed child molesters in their churches, schools and congregations, a place where priests could be removed from the mainstream of Catholic parishes and activity. It cost the church millions of dollars to construct the facility and provide all the supporting equipment, manpower, privacy and security to shield it from the outside world, from reality.

In so doing, the Catholic Church solidified its reputation among the most notorious of criminal organizations such as the Mafia and Cosa Nostra. It may as well have had its headquarters in Sicily and not the Vatican and had its administrators clad in Papal robes and the luxuries of royalty.

The downfall of the Catholic Church has been slowed down by its enormous wealth and the participation of wealthy families and institutions. The propaganda that ensures its stability is no longer the formidable philosophy it once enjoyed. Reality has slowly crept in to its tall and formidable walls. The Church could have endured forever had it not been for its complacency, the lack of formidable supervision over renegade priests who raped and sodomized little kids.

The practice had been regarded common and acceptable, after all, “Who can question a priest in a black robe, winning smile and a crucifix hanging from his neck?” The fact is that for untold centuries, criminals have taken to the priesthood in order to have free access to kids and pastures of innocent lambs to rape and sodomized, a virtual paradise for the demented. The easiest thing was for Popes and Cardinals to turn the other way and play ignorant of the fact. It was the longest lasting syndicated crime organization in the history of mankind. The expertise and success of its management ensured protection from governments and societies alike. It became more criminal to report crime within the Church than to commit crime within the church. Everyone in charge was admired, respected and protected, everyone but the millions of voiceless, defenseless victims, the kids and the nuns. In fact, convent administrators instructed young nuns to obey priests above everything else. Nothing a priest did could be regarded wrong or sinful.

Therefore, a priest could enter a convent and have way with any and all virgin females he lusted over and nothing would be said. In fact, any novice nun who reported an errant priest would be humiliated, ostracized and made to suffer her disrespect for that priest. The rare nun who protested was forced to leave the convent, return to her family in shame and live the rest of her life in disgrace and shame. For those who chose to withstand the pain of victimization, the struggle for her eternal reward in Heaven became impossible, regardless of the choice she made. Who would she confess to? How would she seek forgiveness for allowing a priest, a man, to take advantage of her and merit the rewards of eternal life?

This is the essence of the great Catholic Church whose sins are overlooked by the masses and supported by their contributions and the sacrifices of their children who must suffer the burden of a shamed life.

Miguel Espinosa, Jr.


In Trump’s 2019 federal spending budget, $4.4 trillion will be spent on the following mandatory and discretionary items:

(What is not shown or part of the budget is the approximately 4 trillion dollars of our tax revenue lost due to tax expenditures, deductions, loopholes, tax breaks – 1.5 trillion dollars (verified) and another 2 to 3 trillion dollars lost to tax havens and tax avoidance schemes. Yet the GOP wants to cut Social Security, Medicare and other assistance to make up the deficit caused by corporate welfare of over $4 trillion dollars they hide from us. Make your congressman explain this using facts from credible sources in layman’s language.)

  1. Mandatory Spending

– $2.739 trillion (62 percent)

Consisting of: (major components)

Social Security – $1.046 trillion (24 percent)

Medicare – $625 billion (14 percent)

Medicaid – $412 billion (9 percent)


–    $656 billion (15 percent)

*Other includes food stamps, child tax credits, child nutrition programs, unemployment benefits, misc.

  1. Discretionary Spending

– $1.305 trillion (29 percent)

Consisting of:

Dept. Of Defense

–    $686.0 billion (16 percent)

Health and Human Services

–     $70.0 billion  (2 percent)


–     $59.9 billion  (1 percent)

Veterans Affairs

–     $83.1 billion  (2 percent)

Homeland Security

–     $52.7 billion  (1 percent)

Energy Dept.

–     $29.2 billion

Natl. Nuclear Security Admin.

–     $15.1 billion

Housing and Urban Development

–     $29.2 billion

State Dept.

–     $40.3 billion


–     $19.9 billion

All other agencies

–    $133.1 billion (3 percent)

Emergency funding & Misc.

–      $86.5 billion (2 percent)

  1. Interest on National Debt

–  $363 billion (8.2 percent)


Total Budget Projections (Spending)

– $4.407 trillion

Total Revenue Projections – $3.422 trillion

Budget Deficit (spending – revenue = deficit) – $985 billion

Interest on National Debt (Percent of spending – 8.2 percent) – $363 billion (8.2 percent)

Jim Matlock

Spectrum blackout

On Nov. 9th, we had a Spectrum blackout that lasted for 24 hours! It REALLY pissed me off big time!!  NO TV, NO PHONE SERVICE, and NO INTERNET CONNECTION!  Damned unreal to be that isolated from the world. The Spectrum idiots have a large control node in Calabasas, right in the middle of a KNOWN fire hazard area. The recent fire burned up part of their facility, including one of the main comm cables. Everything Spectrum has between Calabasas and Oxnard, including Oxnard itself, was out for 24 hours!! I am going to write their CEO a NASTY
complaint letter and ask a HOT question (besides asking for a refund for lost time).
The question is this: WHY in hell don’t they put their key facilities in OXNARD, which NEVER, NEVER, NEVER has major fires??? Why put it in a location which was CERTAIN to burn down sooner or later??? STUPID TO THE Nth DEGREE!!
Anyway, I am doing research now of ALL of the alternative comm services here in Oxnard. When I find a good one, I am going to ditch Spectrum.
By the way, I called the Spectrum service center 15 times during the blackout and got at least five different stories explaining why all of their services were out. I pieced together
the story above from the five different stories their reps told me.
How many of your readers experienced the same problem with Spectrum???

John Jay

Wave of his tiny hand

I’m a patriot. And I believe in and support the right of this president to, if he so chooses, abolish citizenship for any so-called American who fraudulently got himself elected to the presidency, and who acts as if he can trade that office in for a dictatorship with just a wave of his tiny hand.

Donald McBain
Thousand Oaks

Not passing smell test

Thank you for the mention in “The Critical Line” cartoon, Re: Port Hueneme odor.

Part of the issue on the smell that has gotten worse in the last few months is the New Indy Paper Plant personnel. They refuse to take any ownership of the odor problem and blame the waste water plant. The alarm noise they have blamed on the railroad.

Drive or walk down Perkins on a “clear day” and the localized smell gets progressively worse the closer you are to the plant and vice versa. From the road at Gate 9 you can see leaking storage vats.

This has been pointed out to their management. Then (usually evening) they perform an operation and in conjunction with weather conditions the surrounding area is blanketed in the odor.

The plant is owned by the Kraft Group, as in New England Patriots, so there are deep pockets in the case of litigation. There is a “culture” of denial at the plant from the on-duty operators to the plant manager. (similar to the Super Bowl “deflate-gate” denials of the Patriots).

They need to accept their duties as corporate citizens and cooperate with their neighbors (civic, industrial and citizen).

It is quite clear there is a solution, stop (or mitigate) the operating changes they have instituted in the last year.

John Fitzgerald
Port Hueneme