The Thomas Fire required assistance from multiple states. Over 8,500 firefighters from Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Utah and from across California were stationed at the Ventura County Fairgrounds through December 2017. The fire cost over $230 million to suppress.

Ojai (city limits)

Destroyed, damaged homes: 0

“We were truly blessed to not lose a single home.” — Finance director Rudy Livingston

County (unincorporated, Upper Ojai)

Parcels with destroyed structures: 240

Parcels with damaged structures: 13

Tentative numbers provided by County Environmental Health. Construction permit data will be updated in the near future.


Destroyed homes: 524 single family homes and 100 apartments

Damaged homes: 138

Commercial loss: Vista Del Mar Hospital

Construction permits granted: 101 single family home permits; three multifamily units

Construction permits applied for: 248 (balance beyond the 101 permits issued that are currently in plan check)

Lots, homes for sale, sold since the Thomas Fire, as of Nov. 26 according to the multiple listing service:

Clearpoint: 8

Ondulando: 36


Avocados: $10.18 million: 1,250 acres damaged, 4,030 tons lost;

Lemons: $5.81 million: 400 acres damaged, 7,591 tons lost;

Oranges: $3.37 million: 135 acres damaged, 3,680 tons lost;

Mandarins: $491,022: 75 acres damaged, 431 tons lost;

Strawberries: $486,416: 9 acres damaged, 241 tons lost;

Grapefruit: $35,930: 3 acres damaged, 32 tons lost;

Raspberry: $55,420: 1 acre damaged, 10 tons lost;

Vegetables: $4.6 million: 120 acres damaged; and

Miscellaneous fruit: $1.39 million: 75 acres damaged.

Total estimated cost due to damage to current and future crops, machinery and equipment, dwellings and other structures: $171.3 million

(“Ventura County puts total fire losses at $171 million,” The Packer, Jan. 4, 2018)

Cumulative estimated value of loss due to Thomas Fire, including the Montecito Mudslide and lost business  

$1.8 billion, based on insurance claims, according to UCSB’s Economic Forecast Project, April 10