Ventura County has voted, giving rise to new faces on city councils, school boards and beyond.

In Ventura and Oxnard, recently adopted district elections brought new faces to city hall. In Ventura’s District 1, Sofia Rubalcava leads by a significant margin. In District 4, Erik Nasarenko is holding a strong lead while Jim Friedman is atop the race in District 5 and Lorrie Brown appears to be heading toward victory in District 6. In Oxnard, incumbent Mayor Tim Flynn is doing well to hold off challenger Aaron Starr, while incumbents Bert Perello and Carmen Ramirez are holding on in Districts 1 and 2, respectively.

Meanwhile in Thousand Oaks, a highly contentious school board election could see incumbents getting kicked to the curb. Incumbent Mike Dunn, who has come under fire since becoming part of the majority on the board for his stances on everything from the content of books to his opposition to the inclusion of LGBTQ materials in curriculums, is currently polling sixth of eight candidates, with the top three vote-getters claiming seats.

The Ventura County Clerk reports that the next countywide update will come on Friday, Nov. 9. These results are considered semi-official and could change with the counting of mail-in and provisional ballots. Statewide vote tallies are taken from the California Secretary of State’s official results.

State results can be found at and are accurate as of Nov. 7, 8 a.m.; county results can be found at and are accurate as of Nov. 7, 2:19 a.m.

NOTE: Numbers represent percentage of the vote. Given the numbers are not official, close races include top contenders.

State Propositions:

Prop 1: Yes 54.1-45.9

Prop 2: Yes 61.1-38.9

Prop 3: No 47.6-52.4

Prop 4: Yes 60.6-39.4

Prop 5: No 41.9-58.1

Prop 6: No 44.7-55.3 (Local vote: 48.9-51)

Prop 7: Yes 59.8-40.2

Prop 8: No 38.4-61.6

Prop 10: No 38.3-61.7 (Local vote: 36.4-63.5)

Prop 11: Yes 59.4-40.6

Prop 12: Yes 61-39

Statewide Elected Offices

Governor: Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governor: Eleni Kounalakis

Secretary of State: Alex Padilla

Controller: Betty Yee

Treasurer: Fiona Ma (who also resides part time in Oxnard)

Attorney General: Xavier Becerra

Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara (50.2). Local vote: Steve Poizner, 54.96

State Board of Equalization

District 3: Tony Vasquez

United States Senator: Diane Feinstein (Local vote: Diane Feinstein: 51.5, Kevin de Leon 48.5)

US Representative

24th Distict: Salud Carbajal

25th District: Katie Hill (UPDATED: Steve Knight conceded the election to Katie Hill as of 1:00 p.m. Nov. 7). 

26th District: Julia Brownley

California Assembly

37th District: Monique Limón

38th District: Donte Acosta

44th District: Jacqui Irwin

State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Marshall Tuck: 50.6

Tony K. Thurmond: 49.4

Ventura County Community College District

Trustee Area 1: Joshua Chancer
Trustee Area 2: Diane McKay
Trustee Area 5: Gabriella Torres

Conejo Valley Unified School District (Top 3)

Cindy Goldberg: 20.3
Jenny Fitzgerald: 18.6
Bill Gorback: 17.2

City Council

City of San Buenaventura

District 1: Sofia Rubalcava: (44.4)
District 4: Erik Nasarenko (44.2)
District 5: Jim Friedman (52)
District 6: Lorrie Brown (65)

City of Oxnard

Mayor: Tim Flynn (51.6)

District 1: Bert Perello (53)
District 2: Carmen Ramirez (58)
District 5: Gabriela Basua (49.4)
District 6: Vianey Lopez (36.5)

Camarillo (Top 3)

Charlotte Craven: 14.3
Shawn Mulchay: 13.8
Susan Santangelo: 13.2
Mike Morgan: 13
Jan McDonald: 12.4
Angus Simmons: 10.8
Bev Dransfeldt: 8.7
Daniel Goldberg: 7.8
Jessica Romero: 5.9

Fillmore (Top 2)

Lynn Edmonds: 41
Diane McCall: 35.2

Moorpark (Top 2)

Chris Enegren: 26.2
David Pollock: 22.7
Daniel Groff: 20.7
David Lopez Lee: 16.6
David Ross: 13.5

Ojai Mayor
Johnny Johnston: 52.8
Severo Lara: 46.3

Ojai Council (Top 3)
Randy Haney: 29.99
William Weirick: 25.64
Ryan Blatz: 28.11
Denise Steurer: 15.79

Port Hueneme (Top 3)

Laura Deborah Hernandez: 30.1
Steven Gama: 22.9
Richard Rollins: 20
Jim Hensley: 16.4
Dan Tullis: 10.1

Santa Paula (Top 3)

Rick Araiza: 22.24
Carlos Juarez: 21.51
Jenny Crosswhite: 20.43
Andy Sobel: 15.18
Ginger Gherardi: 12.43
Aaron Dunkel: 7.92

Simi Valley Mayor:

Keith Mashburn: 52.4
Dawn Gray: 19.7
Carina Armenta: 15.9
Jerry Shafner: 8.7

Simi Valley City Council (Top 2)

Mike Judge: 28.4
Ruth Luevanos: 16.1
William Daniels: 14%
Fred Thomas: 12.3

Thousand Oaks (Top 3)

Claudia Bill-de la Peña: 19.6
Robert Engler: 18.8
Kevin McNamee: 11.9
Joel Price: 11.2

 Local Measures


Measure E: Yes

Measure M: Yes


Measure F: Yes

Measure G: Yes

Measure H: Yes

Measure I: Yes

Measure L: Yes

Measure O: Yes 54/45


Measure J: No

Measure K: No

Port Hueneme

Measure U: Yes

Simi Valley

Measure Q: Yes

Measure R: No

Measure S: No


Measure T: No

Santa Paula

Measure N: Yes

Thousand Oaks

Measure P: Yes