There has been no lack of film festivals in Ventura County in recent years, but rarely does one get an opportunity to view short films, those little gems you know nothing about that receive Oscar nominations. They don’t open in major theaters and are not readily available in video stores. So, where to go, what to do?

How about attending the premiere of the Ojai Short Film Fest taking place this weekend?

The festival will showcase 27 diverse short films from the U.S., U.K., Iran, India, Ireland, Sweden, Venezuela, Israel and Argentina. These include films produced by Oscar-winners Viola Davis and Kim Magnusson, three 2018 Oscar qualifiers and a spotlight on films made by women from around the world.

Why should one care about short films? For one thing, they often showcase the talent of directors who go on to handle bigger films. If you’re wondering where filmmakers get their start, this is the place. And since directors have to put their best foot forward, short films are often very entertaining and thought provoking.

For ambitious filmmakers, it’s a new world of possibilities now that digital tech has given them a freer hand to fully express their craft, and it opens up film media productions from around the world. In sum, anyone from anywhere on this planet can now be a film producer, even with nothing more than a smart phone.

“They’re using superior production methods to communicate powerful narratives in a limited time span,” said Sunil Sadarangani, co-founder and program curator for the Ojai Short Film Fest. “They’re from diverse cultures and communities, and more than ever are seeking a common ground to reconnect, ideate and showcase their work for better business prospects.”

Short films are very much in tune with the modern mind set, which tends to be focused on Internet and multimedia platforms built to handle short viewing better than your average film theater.

“In today’s ever-evolving digital multiverse,” Sadarangani explained, “technology has become very accessible, and attention spans are shrinking daily. Thus, creating short filmed content has never been so relevant.”

For this fall’s OSFF, some titles include Little Match Girl (Sweden), Night Shift (USA), Are You Volleyball?! (Iran), Ah (Sperm) (India), El Astronauta (Venezuela) and the Pixar short Weekends (USA).

If you’re a film fan and would like to see something unique, check this out.

The Ojai Short Film Fest takes place Oct. 6-7 at Greater Goods, 145 W. El Roblar, Ojai. For tickets and more information, visit or the Facebook page.